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General Questions

What is the validity period of the card?v
How can I apply for a WestStein account and debit card?v
Where I can find my account number?v
Who issues WestStein accounts with debit Mastercard payment cards?v
How can I activate and start using the card?v
Can I apply for an additional card?v
What are the benefits for a company using a WestStein debit Mastercard?v
Where is my sort code?v
What is an IBAN?v
What is SEPA payment?v
How will I receive my Weststein debit Mastercard?v
What payment details I have to provide to make a euro SEPA transfer to my WestStein account?v
What is the WestStein debit Mastercard for business? How does it differ from other payment cards?v
Where are the operating accounts of the debit cards really located?v
How can I change my profile details?v
What is a debit card and how does it differ from other payment cards?v
Do I have a unique account number?v
How exactly can WestStein debit Mastercard for business simplify the payment management process?v
Can I open an account, if I am not a European citizen?v
Which currency is used for an e-wallet and its attached cards?v

Card Account Loading and Payments

Can I use my card at all points of sale and ATMs?v
How much does WestStein control and check cash payment volumes?v
How long does it take to load money through a SEPA transfer?v
Can I transfer funds to other people from my WestStein card account?v
Can I use WestStein debit card at a self-service gas station?v
Can I use this card to pay for goods and services online?v
Can I withdraw cash from my card account?v
Can I book flights or hotels, rent a car, etc. with WestStein account?v
Who can transfer funds to my WestStein account?v
Can I receive my salary on WestStein account?v
Can I use WestStein card in car rental agencies?v

Joining WestStein

What is the difference between verified and non-verified account?v
Are there any additional restrictions for unverified accounts?v
Why is additional verification of my personal data needed?v
How can I top-up an unverified account?v


What should be done if my card is stolen or lost?v
What should I do if I cannot receive my PIN?v
What should be done if access to the internet bank is blocked?v
What should I do if I forget my PIN code?v
How is the security of my funds guaranteed?v
Where is my PIN code?v

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