Who We Are

WestStein Online Current Account Designed for financial freedom

We are living in an age of mobility and connected economies, where time is money and we can't afford to waste any of it. Whether we are individuals or businesses, we look for services and solutions that are hassle-free and that allow us to focus on our core values while still feeling safe and in control.

Who We Are

WestStein Ltd was established and is managed by a team experienced in banking, international relations, new technologies and entrepreneurship. This provides us with an in-­depth understanding of the financial technology industry and client needs, as well as of the best added­ value services.

For us, simplicity is key, and our clients’ needs are our inspiration

When creating our company, brand and products, we took a fresh look at the basics of financial services, and added the newest technologies and insights to the modern customer's needs. Less fuss, more transparency and flexibility, not to mention better pricing and full online management is what we came up with. Our products and solutions have no borders – we follow regulations to maintain a high degree of compliance, as well as provide quality customer service and security standards, while innovating and offering focused and digital financial products. We believe that financial technologies, or FinTech, should serve the community - the businesses and individuals who make use of them - and not vice versa.

WestStein provides its services in cooperation with the London based company

WestStein provides its services in cooperation with the London based company Prepaid Financial Services Limited (PFS) founded in 2008. PFS is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and is a Mastercard and electronic money institution licence holder. PFS is owned and operated by a team with decades of experience in payment card services and banking technology. PFS’s clients include Nikon, Adidas, JPMorgan Chase, and many other companies and public institutions. Find out more at www.prepaidfinancialservices.com

Our Values

Security and Compliance

Our top priority is the security of our customers’ funds. Therefore, we implement the highest technological standards to ensure security, and comply with the financial regulations of FCA as well as the rules and directives of the European Parliament and the Council.

Simplicity and Clarity

We believe that FinTech does not have to be complicated for customers or for those who want to innovate.

Freedom Without Borders

We design our products and services to be fully manageable online and on mobile, providing access to global financial payment markets wherever our clients maybe.

Revolutionize Your Payments With WestStein

Online IBAN Account

The best alternative to your regular bank account. Receive salary, transfer funds, pay bills, shop online. Verify your account to enjoy maximum WestStein online current account limits.

Mobile Application

Available on iPhone and Android. Manage your money on-the-go and receive notifications to stay on track with your account balance.

Debit Mastercard with contactless payments

WestStein debit Mastercard can be used in ATM's, online and retail stores at over 30 million locations worldwide. Supports fast and secure contactless payments.