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WestStein Salary Card Benefits

Today, many employers prefer to transfer wages to their employees by bank transfer. This not only solves the problem of queues at the accounting department, but also shows the credibility and full legitimacy of the company. But how do you choose the best salary card? Read the article if you are interested in the WestStein salary card, the advantages of this tool have been described in detail by the experts of our financial institution.

How does a WestStein salary card differ from a regular one?

First of all, let’s figure out what a salary card is. Its very name speaks for itself, it is a payment instrument, often debit or prepaid one, which involves not only spending money. Fundamentally, its function is to receive various payments, in our case, from the employer – wages, sick leave, vacation pay, travel allowances, social charges, etc.

The WestStein individual salary card allows its holder to receive money in the international currency euro, this is especially true for freelancers who work for foreign companies. In addition, it is possible to issue a WestStein salary card in a convenient digital format. The website interface is clear and ergonomic, so literally everyone can deal with registration.

A virtual debit card has the main difference from other analogues: the cost of issuing and servicing lies with the employer. In addition, this carrier does not have a credit part, but this is even an advantage for many of its holders, since even if you wish, you will not be able to spend too much.

How to order a salary card?

If the company’s management decides to take such a step, then it will have to sign a salary project with a partner bank. To do this, contact our competent manager, who will coordinate your actions, you will still have to go through registration and verification. If we are talking about self-employed workers, then it is enough to order a prepaid Mastercard – this is done in just a couple of clicks, and you do not need to collect an extensive package of documents.

We emphasize that the experts of the financial service made sure that all the functionality of the electronic page was clear, therefore, in order for the WestStein prepaid card to be sent to the actual address of the client, he should adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. While on the website, follow the link “Create my account”, it can be found on any page.
  2. Fill in the client registration form. The following data will be required here: first and last name, residential address, e-mail, mobile phone number.
  3. After registration, confirm the entered information and go through verification.
  4. Get access to your personal account and replenish it.
  5. Use your account at any time, and the physical card will be sent to the specified address after ten days from the date of registration.

How to get the most out of using the card?

Some consumers believe that the salary card has less functionality, but if we are talking about a product from WestStein, the situation is different. The account holder feels as free as possible using our credit card. They can pay for purchases in the network and real stores, pharmacies, take the card with them on business trips and safely make payments abroad, replenish the card and transfer funds in a few touches in convenient Internet banking. All this allows them to freely be a full-fledged participant in trade and market relations and even helps to rationalize expenses, since they are under constant accounting.

In order not to experience discomfort, the client only needs to adhere to security measures. Here are some top tips:

  1. Never share the card or its confidential data with third parties.
  2. Be skeptical of messages and emails pretending to be from bank employees. Especially if they ask you to follow an unfamiliar link or extort personal information.
  3. Use only serviceable ATMs and never accept assistance from strangers when withdrawing funds.
  4. Always check the address bar of the website where you plan to make a purchase, avoid suspicious websites.
  5. Do not keep the PIN code written down, especially next to the card.
  6. For virtual purchases, get a separate prepaid card and replenish it immediately before the transaction.

In case of unforeseen circumstances (lost the payment instrument, transferred the details), immediately contact our service employees in a way convenient for you – chat in messenger, email, or by phone, and block your account in Internet banking yourself.