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WestStein individual settlement account

Modern technologies and innovations have made everyone think about a more convenient way of payment than cash. An individual settlement account is a great alternative to cash, which is not always convenient to carry around and there is a risk of theft from a hotel room while traveling and on business trips.

If you are an entrepreneur or a person who loves to travel and discover new countries, then you simply need to open an online account with an IBAN code. This payment tool will allow you to pay for purchases and services in countries within the EU and the world that are covered by the SEPA system, as well as to pay for hotel stays, restaurant and café bills, and to book airline tickets.

How to open an online account

To open a reliable online account, you need to choose the right financial company. One of such companies is WestStein, which has many advantages.

Advantages of the WestStein financial company:

  • You can use the funds from your account at any time and anywhere with internet access;
  • favorable conditions for clients to withdraw cash and make other payment transactions;
  • you can see the dynamics of funds turnover at any moment, all information about expenses and income is displayed in the personal account in the app;
  • using a special rate, you can earn a profit from residual funds;
  • you can block or close your account at any time;
  • there are no restrictions or limits on funds.

Before opening an online account, you need to determine the purpose for which it is created. There are several types of accounts:

  1. Current account. It is opened with the purpose of using monetary funds, making purchases, making transfers, traveling and paying with a card.
  2. Deposit account. It is opened for saving funds and receiving profit from interest. It is one of the safe ways to store money. This account is not designed to make payments.
  3. Savings account. In terms of functionality, it combines a current account and a deposit account. It allows you to store savings, receiving interest, and also to perform payment operations.
  4. Settlement account. This type of account is opened for conducting business activities, as well as by legal entities.

Advantages of opening a settlement account at WestStein financial company

A settlement account can be quickly and easily opened for free without any hassle at the WestStein financial institution, which will also provide you with many advantages.

The WestStein online account is an excellent payment tool for entrepreneurial activities. With its help, you can solve the following tasks:

  • receive revenue from sales or completed work;
  • purchase goods from suppliers;
  • pay taxes and other mandatory payments;
  • order necessary services to maintain commercial activity;
  • make and receive international transfers;
  • transfer salaries to employees.

Every organization that conducts business should have a settlement account to receive and send payments using non-cash transactions. This method not only saves time and labor resources, but also significantly reduces commission costs.

Having a salary account will be convenient for those who work remotely or in another country. It can be used not only to store funds but also to make various payments.

Opening an online account with theWestStein financial company

Opening a settlement account for free is easy and accessible to everyone who has reached the age of 18. To do this, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Go to the company’s official website and fill out the registration form.
  2. In the registration form, indicate your name and surname, date of birth, registered address, email, phone number, and come up with a unique password.
  3. Then, after a call from our company’s employee, it is necessary to undergo the verification procedure.
  4. After that, access to your personal account will be open.
  5. To start using your virtual account, it must be replenished by any convenient means.

A physical plastic card will be delivered to the address specified in the registration form within 10 days.

In case you have any questions regarding account management and connecting additional services, feel free to contact our support team. We have real professionals with extensive experience in financial systems and banking knowledge. Our financial company employees also speak several languages – English, Russian, Polish, German and Latvian. Questions can be asked by phone or by sending an email.

Open a free online account and enjoy the benefits of being a WestStein financial company client!