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WestStein’s Year in Review – 2018

12 intense months have passed in the WestStein office with many new colleagues. Our team has grown fast to serve the needs of our customers, followers and blog subscribers. Thank you for asking questions, for visiting our WestStein office, for answering our e-mails and for reading our blog articles and press releases. We appreciate all your actions – you have helped us improve the WestStein product and ensure customer support runs in the best way possible. What did 2018 look like and what to expect from WestStein in 2019?

Top 3 Blog Posts

Your questions on Facebook, phone calls and emails are often the backbones of articles we publish in WestStein blog. Additionally, we always follow FinTech industry tendencies to inform you of important financial news. So, have you already read these top 3 most-read articles?

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Goals for 2019

Traveling and working abroad is more accessible than ever, so it’s no wonder most people are controlling their money in various currencies. That’s why in 2019 we plan to add multi-currency accounts, a currency exchange with lower fees than in banks and contactless payments. You’ll be able to receive, send and withdraw money in European euros, Polish zloty, British pounds, and U.S. dollars.

Contactless Payments

Faster and more convenient

Multi-currency Accounts


Foreign currency exchange

Cheaper than in banks