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Virtual WestStein Mastercard

Modern consumers often shop online. This is not surprising, because online shopping has become more convenient. Especially if we take into account such crisis situations as the coronavirus pandemic, which has significantly changed the consumer market. But in order to safely buy goods in online stores, you need to have an appropriate payment instrument, such as the WestStein virtual Mastercard. The experts of the service in this article spoke about what advantages a virtual prepaid card has, which can be issued in just a couple of clicks on our website.

What threat awaits buyers on the Internet?

Experts in the financial industry are sure that the security of an account largely depends on its owner, or rather on his compliance with precautionary measures. Today in cyberspace there is a large number of attackers who want to take possession of the confidential information of cardholders. The method of fraud they use is called fishing. The word should not be understood in its literal sense, offenders “fish out” personal data (logins and passwords) in order to subsequently take possession of the personal funds of cardholders.

At the same time, phishing is based on the emotional component. Cyber ​​fraudsters, using the “human factor”, influence the user’s decision-making, forcing them to act illogically. That is why it is recommended to be skeptical about various letters asking you to transfer personal information, especially if they allegedly come from a bank or financial institution. Also, do not trust such phone calls – if you receive similar ones, do not be too lazy to ask a lot of questions, often excessive curiosity scares off the offenders.

Free virtual debit card: functionality

It is important to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of such a payment instrument. A free virtual card, which can be issued online on our website, practically does not differ from its physical counterpart, or rather, the real embodiment is the only discrepancy. Otherwise, you can use it in the same way as a plastic one: make transfers, pay for purchases, withdraw funds and even receive payments.

Thanks to the development of digital technologies, the card token can be added to a mobile application, such as Google Pay. So, the smartphone holder will be able to make contactless purchases in real stores using the NFC (Near Field Communication) function.

Virtual Mastercard: Benefits

Owners of prepaid cards of our company are well aware of their benefits, but what about a digital tool? A virtual card, which will take no more than ten minutes to issue, has the following advantages:

  1. An instant virtual debit card is available to every consumer. Here we will talk about two advantages at once – this is a fast and free release. It is enough for the client of our service to devote a little time to registration, after which they will get access to the electronic account and will be able to use the card and account absolutely free of charge. In addition, there is no need to wait for the delivery of the plastic carrier.
  2. Banking level of security. A digital tool is devoid of a real embodiment, so it is impossible to lose it, except perhaps with a gadget. But at the same time, attackers will not use the details of the card, since most mobile phones are protected by individual passwords.
  3. We recommend getting a virtual Mastercard card for those who value versatility and convenience. The digital card can be used anytime and anywhere. In addition, you do not need to remember its PIN code or write it down somewhere, because it is possible to pay contactlessly.
  4. Ergonomic Internet banking with a clear interface. Thanks to the personal account, the holder can perform any monetary transactions directly on their smartphone.
  5. The cost of maintaining an account is democratic. Our card service costs are significantly lower compared to competitors’ products.
  6. An environmentally friendly approach is the philosophy of the modern consumer. By eliminating the release of plastic, the use of a major environmental pollutant can be avoided. If you use plastic cards, please recycle them when they expire.

With the WestStein card, the possibilities of the consumer are unlimited – prove it yourself today, register on the website as soon as possible and get a functional digital-card.