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The WestStein electronic wallet for business

In order to secure their funds and not put their individual bank account at risk, many entrepreneurs create an electronic wallet for business. This is a great alternative to cash and regular bank cards.

The WestStein electronic wallet is used for various financial transactions, such as receiving and sending money transfers, a way of payment for goods and services on the Internet. Also, using the WestStein online wallet, you can link all WestStein Prepaid Mastercard cards to it for convenience. What is also important, this financial instrument does not depend on the main account. An individual account for an electronic wallet is not linked to the main account but can be replenished from any company account and money transfers can be made to cards linked to it.

Advantages of opening an electronic wallet

Opening an electronic wallet is a great opportunity to expand your financial and payment capabilities. Let’s look at the main advantages for the owners of this payment instrument:

  • linking an unlimited number of cards;
  • the possibility of multi-user access, which is very convenient, both in the family and for business;
  • management and control of cash flows online;
  • optimization of the number of paper documents and saving time on the preparation of reports.

A lot of entrepreneurs have appreciated a virtual wallet and use it for business. By opening prepaid WestStein Mastercard cards for your employees, you will provide them with a convenient tool for paying for overhead expenses, such as business lunches at business meetings, business trips, fuel, expenses related to office operations. It also becomes possible to send mass payments to all or selected e-wallet cards.

Such operations make it possible to provide greater control and simplify the reporting system, and as a result, there is a significant saving of time.

It is convenient to send mass payments from WestStein e-wallets if you need to pay salaries or other payments to employees who are located in different countries. Having created a portal for corporate clients, it is also very convenient to settle with partners and suppliers. Money transfering this way does not take much time, and money receiving is almost instantly. You can easily manage not only the salaries of employees, but also various commission payments, and regular payments just with a couple of clicks online.

Prepaid White Label card for business

An excellent solution for advertising the company is to order prepaid White Label cards. By presenting a card with your brand logo or company name on it in gratitude or as a gift, you increase the awareness of your company and conduct passive marketing activities.

Make a gift for your company’s accountants. The WestStein Payment Solutions with easy integration of reporting information will simplify the reporting process and save time for your employees. And, importantly, it will significantly reduce the likelihood of errors.

The best e-wallet for business

To decide which e-wallet is better, it is necessary to carefully study its capabilities and ensure its safety. By opening an electronic wallet and an online account with WestStein, you can be 100% sure of its versatility, convenience and security.

Opening a Wettstein e-wallet is free and fast. You have to apply to the website by filling out the appropriate form with your individual data. It will be possible to use the payment instrument after linking prepaid cards to it.

Ways to replenish electronic wallets

International e-wallets can be replenished in several ways. The most popular is from a bank card, which, if desired, can be linked to a wallet and made the main one. Then, at the next replenishment, the wallet will be replenished from it. If there are several cards and the preferred card for replenishment is not specified, you must choose from available ones.

Another option is replenishment in the payment terminal. It is necessary to find a terminal that supports this service and make a deposit.

The replenishment method from one electronic wallet to another within one financial company is also widely used. In this case, the funds are credited instantly.

Use e-wallets from WestStein with pleasure feeling safe!