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The best virtual card for real purchases

The Internet has become an integral part of modern life. Of course, not only the positive stages of evolution gave a boost to digitalization, but also such crisis situations as, for example, the coronavirus pandemic. Many consumers first tried online shopping during this difficult period, and now they do not want to deprive themselves this pleasure. The experts at our financial institution say that the WestStein prepaid card is the best virtual card for real-world purchases. Thanks to this convenient tool, our customers can freely surf the Internet, as well as pay for goods and services in real life.

Customer focus and individual approach are the two main criteria that make our activity professional and necessary. We set ourselves the task of not only providing profitable financial instruments to consumers, but also advising entrepreneurs and self-employed persons. An account in our structure can be useful not only for individuals, but also for organizations that want to develop their business in the virtual space and control all financial transactions thanks to a gadget with Internet banking.

Virtual bank card: what you should know about it

First of all, you should understand what a virtual card for purchases is. This is a payment instrument that often does not have a physical shape, that is, a plastic counterpart, which allows you to quickly make purchases online. Its main advantage is that there is no need to disclose your details and enter them on each site, it is enough to register it on the device once. This criterion is an excellent additional means of protecting consumer privacy.

Can this shopping card be used in real stores? Of course, yes, for this you need to tie it to systems like Google and Apple Pay and make purchases using a contactless method using a smartphone.

How to choose a virtual card?

First of all, you should entrust your data and finances to a reputable financial institution. You should not contact the first bank, get acquainted with the functionality of the resulting virtual cards and highlight the main advantages specifically for yourself. There are many offers on the modern market, so do not rush to choose – approach this issue with all seriousness and responsibility.

It should be understood for what needs the virtual card will be used. How to use Virtual card is also a fairly common question among users. But before answering it, it is necessary to determine the operations that can be implemented with its help, among them:

  • payment for purchases on the Internet (network sites);
  • transfer funds to other accounts;
  • make international P2P transfers;
  • purchase air and railway tickets;
  • pay for education/treatment through the network;
  • send funds to regulatory authorities (for entrepreneurs).

Virtual MasterCard is very easy to use. First of all, it should be replenished (through an ATM, transfer of funds from another account). That`s it, now you can safely implement shopping, paying without a commission.

Benefits of a virtual card

Before opening a virtual card online, you should familiarize yourself with its “pros” and “cons”. Among the advantages there are:

  • Universality – you can make purchases in Internet services around the world at any time.
  • Availability – anyone can create a virtual card, without even visiting a banking structure, just register and pass verification in our website.
  • High level of protection against intruders – virtual funds are much more difficult to steal than a real wallet with cash. In addition, there can be a certain amount of money on the card, calculated even for one payment.
  • Protection of personal data is not worse than the banking one – the client retains his anonymity, as no documentation is required to receive a prepaid card, and the card is not linked to the main bank account.
  • Ability to create a family account with several prepaid cards, for example for children, so that parents can control their spending.

WestStein clients not only receive such a beneficial tool as a virtual card for free, but also have the opportunity to use ergonomic and understandable mobile banking to track expenses and conduct their analytics. Our experts are sure that digital media will gradually replace the usual plastic counterparts from everyday use, so with the Virtual card you will feel more free and at the same time won`t be afraid for security. Open an account using our service and achieve your financial goals without borders.