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Introducing the New Customer Portal And Mobile App

The year 2018 in WestStein offices was as busy as it can get. We’ve worked hard and developed a new platform to make your experience with us even better.

If you’re already our customer, explore it yourself now in your preferred way:

Without further ado, let’s talk about what’s new and what to expect from now on.

What’s New?

First of all, you already noticed that the design is completely different. That’s the obvious part. But there’s much more to be noticed. Below we’ll explain the new functions you’ll benefit from.

Synchronized platforms – Unlike other prepaid card providers, WestStein ensures you both a web and a mobile app version. Now you can access your account, manage your money and make payments no matter the device you’re using. All you need is an internet connection.

Single transaction export – Sometimes you’ll need to export only one transaction. For example, if you buy petrol for job duties and your company’s accountant asks for a proof. Now you can export one or more transactions in PDF format with a single click.

Payment archive – A collection of all transfers you have made across our platforms. Filter all your payments by details, status, date and time, amount, recipient and IBAN. Instantly find the payment you’re looking for with a search option

.One system for everyone – No matter if you’re signing up for WestStein as a private person or as a company, the new customer portal and mobile application is the same. So, it’s a great solution for both your personal and business finances management.

Save payment info – Phone bills, pocket money for children, transfers to a savings account and so on. Make a payment once, it will be saved in WestStein portal and next time all the details will be ready in place for your next payment. Easy and convenient.

Payment information via SMS -Whenever you receive a SEPA payment, you receive an SMS to your phone from us. Only if you want to, of course. This function is in your control. Enable or disable whenever you want to.

One profile, all cards – If you’ve verified your account, you can easily get 3 additional prepaid cards for free. Now, in the new platform, you’ll see all your cards in one place. It’s a great way to budget money or follow other balances if you’ve given a card to your children.

Your own avatar – In our new customer portal you’re able to upload a profile picture for your account. We’re planning to add extra features in the future, to personalize your experience and ensure you an individualistic approach from our support specialists.

Access Costumer Portal before activation – Now, you’ll gain access immediately after you’ve signed up for a WestStein card. Until now, you had to wait for your WestStein card’s arrival before you could access the customer portal. Enjoy and explore!

Login with email – When you log in the first time, you’ll have to enter your card number and password. Afterward, once you’ve set up a new password, confirm your email and phone number, you’ll be able to access your account much faster by simply entering your email and password.

Enhanced security – Every time you make a payment from WestStein customer portal, you will receive an authorization code in SMS sent to your phone. In other words, no one else can make money transfers from your account, unless they have your phone.

Payment amount double check – It’s easy to put a comma in the wrong place or to simply tap the wrong number. To avoid losses by sending an incorrect amount of money, you will be requested to enter the desired sum one more time. Simple and safe.

You have questions, we have answers

We understand that it takes time to adjust to new things. So, if there’s something you need help with, we’ll be happy to assist you to make sure everything’s crystal clear. Feel free to send your questions to [email protected] or call us at any of our phone numbers during business hours. Also, your feedback, if any, will be kindly appreciated!