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International money transfer from card to card online

People throughout their evolution have been a link in trade relations: either a seller / service representative or a consumer, for which they take or pay money. In the modern world, financial transactions have been greatly simplified thanks to the activities of banks, the ability to make purchases online, and also transfer funds from one account to another in just a couple of clicks thanks to mobile applications. International money transfer from card to card online is no longer a fantastic service of the future, but a modernity that allows a person to be as mobile and independent as possible.

WestStein virtual card holders are well aware of the benefits of the service – they not only calmly control their finances and conduct analytics, but also receive salaries in foreign currency and have the opportunity to transfer money from card to card thanks to their personal online IBAN account (International Bank Account Number). According to the financial industry experts, the virtual debit card allows the customer to surf the Internet and stop to make purchases absolutely anywhere and at any time. In addition, we protect the personal data and funds of our subscribers, therefore we guarantee the banking security of the card, thanks to the PIN code and the Mastercard 3D Secure system.

How to transfer money from card to card online?

P2p-transfer (peer-to-peer – “from person to person”) is one of the most popular services that literally every card holder has come across. In essence, this operation is a transfer of funds from your bank account to the account of the addressee, for example, a friend or family member.

It is possible to send money from card to card using a gadget (smartphone, laptop, PC, tablet). Three things are needed to carry out the manipulation:

  • acess to the Internet
  • recipient details;
  • your card with the required amount.

If we are talking about an international transfer, then the banking mobile application should have a corresponding function, and it may also be necessary to know the details of the recipient more precisely, for example, his full name (or company name), account number, IBAN or SWIFT code. At the same time, transferring money from card to card is quite simple and definitely does not take much time, you just need to double-check the specified data.

Transferring funds from card to card: a few tips for clients

There are several basic recommendations that greatly simplify the understanding of the above financial transaction.

  1. Do not be afraid to tell the sender your card number – it is safe. But the situation is completely different if you are asked to name the expiration date of the cadr, its CVC2- and PIN-code, as well as passwords received in SMS – this information is confidential and cannot be disclosed. Remember this and take responsibility for financial cyber security.
  2. To make a money transfer, it is enough to know the addressee’s card number.
  3. Errors when sending funds are not possible. Often the program will automatically detect the error and notify you about it.
  4. P2p transfer is not a payment transaction, but a voluntary transfer of funds. It is extremely difficult to appeal such a transfer, because a return is possible only with the consent of the recipient.

In addition, experts recommend not disclosing information about the transfer to anyone other than the recipient. At the same time, consumers are advised to be extremely careful and not to contact strangers, and also not to respond to messages asking them to send a transfer – in most cases, these are the tricks of cyber scammers.

Why is it worth getting a WestStein virtual card?

It should be understood that the WestStein prepaid card allows you to manage finances literally anytime and anywhere. At the same time, the created free online account is in no way connected with a bank account. A convenient mobile application allows you not only to carry out financial transactions, but also to monitor your financial condition.

You can order a prepaid Mastercard by filling out an online form on our official website and get a real plastic card after two weeks. Our service is a convenient and profitable option for international transfers thanks to:

  • simple and understandable functionality;
  • full security of transfers;
  • the ability to manipulate at any time;
  • low commission and high daily limit;
  • ongoing customer support (chat, e-mail, telephone).