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Instant verification by Weststein

WestStein is a fast-growing company that provides financial solutions to anyone who needs them and wants the process to be simple and paperless. These days, the financial market has grown so much that deciding what type of account or method of spending may not be easy.

Financial technology of modern life: the virtual card

The market is full of lenders and all kinds of firms offering you fresh ideas. Not only should your finances be managed by those who have some knowledge, but you yourself should make the financial transactions yourself.

Our company develops and expands its ideas to revolutionize the online account marketplace. We provide a contactless way to open an account – a free online account, store your money, and then give you a convenient system to withdraw and spend it without having to fill out hundreds of pages of forms. With our advanced technology, we create a practical way to meet all of our customers’ needs. With our innovative offerings, the user will have hassle-free transactions anywhere and anytime. While other banking providers resort to different types that further confuse the user, we offer a convenient solution for everything. All-in-one for online account control.

Getting a virtual card: a quick process

The verification system is quite simple and user-friendly. Confirmation of the address is not required. A few clicks are required and it’s done (also relevant for the virtual card):

  • press the Open Account button;
  • fill in your address and phone number (any EU country);
  • confirm email;
  • you can use your personal account.

To make full use of your account and perform various operations, you need to:

  • enter the office;
  • you will receive a notification that you have been verified;
  • take a photo of your documents (passport, ID card or driver’s license);
  • follow the instructions for identifying the person;
  • receive confirmation that the account has been opened.

The online solution provider is essentially a contactless transaction and/or service for you, which is also easy to understand and the terms are not set against you. You don’t have to go out and stand in lines for hours just to get an account to hold funds. WestStein helps you do it all from the comfort of your home. This account will have an IBAN number so you can easily receive payments as you like. All services that are provided with many different accounts at the same bank. It’s quick and easy to set up and you can send and receive payments even on the go. A virtual debit card is one of the benefits you get with opening an account.

Additional cards for the family

An account can consist of up to 3 additional cards so you and your family can access wherever you are. The WestStein prepaid card gives you access to any platform around the world. So, whether you are on vacation with friends or family in another country or just want to sit at home and make a payment, an online purchase, it will be your go-to for everything. It will allow you to be flexible and have easy access to transfer funds and payments, and there will be no additional fees because it comes when you create an account.

Ordering a prepaid Mastercard is the right solution for running a business as well as for everyday life. The online application is so easy to understand and use that even a child can handle it. It offers you a range of services, including fund transfers and balance checks. You can also track all your expenses with a transaction history tool and monitor your budget by keeping track of your remaining balance.

The app is available on both the Playstore and App Store, so no one will feel left out and you don’t need the latest technology to be part of the WestStein community. You’ll also have several options to fund your account with Current, which provides flexibility, so getting liquid funds will never be a problem anywhere in the world. They also have an online customer portal that will give you the same services as the app, so you can even use your laptop or desktop computer to regulate your finances. We offer you the same security as a regular bank, and maybe even more, so you can trust them with your money.

So, we provide an easy way to manage your finances and eliminate any confusion with a quick application process. We provide a virtually seamless way to set up your current account. The app can be installed on both iOS and Android, which gives you more freedom when managing your resources. We can help you dispel any doubts or questions you may have.