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How to quickly open a corporate account

All businesses and legal entities are required to have a corporate account. It is needed to conduct financial transactions, pay bills, taxes and other regular payments.

What is a corporate account used for?

We will understand what a corporate account is and what its advantages are. Without it, it is impossible not only to carry out commercial activities, but it is also impossible to control the financial movements of the enterprise. It is used to pay for the needs of the enterprise, settlements with suppliers of goods and services.

For those entrepreneurs who conduct international business, it is imperative to open a corporate account in order to be able to make payments and control them. They will be able to significantly expand and develop financial capabilities. With only one WestStein corporate account, an entrepreneur will be able to solve all problems about enterprises, suppliers and employees who are located abroad.

A corporate online account is a payment instrument with which you can receive and send money without the risk that any problems will arise during the operation. Therefore, both big business and start-up entrepreneurs are interested in opening a business account.

In order for the payment instrument not to fail, you should approach the choice of the financial company in which you plan to open an account with all responsibility. A company like WestStein is an excellent choice as it has many benefits which are discussed below.

So, how is a corporate account different from a personal account? A corporate account is opened to simplify business. Various payments to suppliers, deductions to regulatory bodies, salaries to employees are paid through it, funds are allocated for hospitality expenses. It is possible to link an unlimited number of cards to this account. That is, several people can use the account.

A personal account is opened for the individual needs of one person. That is, except for them, no one has the opportunity to use it.

Benefits of opening a corporate account with WestStein financial company

One of the main advantages is saving time, due to the fact that there is no need to visit a financial institution. All information is submitted online, there is a quick registration and verification, and the account is ready.

During the registration of a corporate account, a company employee needs to be told how many plastic cards you need.

Thanks to a corporate account in your company, you will be able to view sales and cost analytics every day, being able to respond to financial indicators in time. With its help, you can optimize all settlement processes, with the receipt of detailed and understandable reports.

The WestStein business current account has an IBAN code that allows you to conduct commercial and entrepreneurial activities in many countries of the world and Europe. Having this account will help to significantly reduce the cost of cashing out, and commissions from other payment transactions will also be much lower than from other accounts.

When opening a free online account, you can link several payment cards to it, for example, for employees. These cards can be used to transfer salaries or money for entertainment expenses. So you will greatly facilitate the life of accounting, payroll will take place according to a simplified scheme, and it will also be possible to track and analyze corporate expenses in your personal account. Also in your personal account, you can set up regular payments and set limits. If the employee keeps the card after the dismissal, you can easily block it yourself to prevent possible expenses.

You should also open a business account to reduce the cost of cashing out. If necessary, you can withdraw money from any ATM at any time with a minimum commission.

The card for corporate expenses is reliably protected by a multi-level security system. Therefore, clients of the financial company WestStein have no reason to worry about information leakage and gaining access to financial flows.

Qualified staff of the company will be able to help you resolve issues related to the issuance of an account, a virtual card, as well as additional services provided by WestStein.

As it has already become clear, opening a corporate account is a necessity for those who want to be financially mobile and make big profits as a result of their activities. And our reliable company will be your reliable rear, which helps to preserve and increase capital.

Therefore, if you do not have a corporate account yet, it’s time to open one, it’s very simple and free.