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How to quickly get a virtual card

Digital technologies are developing, capturing more and more spheres of human life. Fifty years ago, it was hard to imagine that thanks to a small device it would be possible to calmly communicate with friends, receive a huge amount of information, and also make money transactions (money transfers, replenishment of mobile phones, payment of loans, etc.). Plastic cards have become an indispensable attribute of our time, but what awaits us in the future? Already today it is possible to make a prediction that humanity is able to abandon plastic in favor of a more environmentally friendly and simple option – virtual cards. Yes, today they are rather in addition to the traditional “plastic”, but the popularity of the request for how to quickly issue a virtual card is growing every day.

WestStein financial institution experts have been providing payment services to clients for many years. The WestStein prepaid card is an extremely convenient and understandable tool created specifically for making purchases, with a sufficient security system and versatility of possibilities. Thanks to a convenient mobile application, cardholders can carry out any monetary manipulations anywhere in the world, unlimited in time. To use it, it is enough to have access to the network and some free time.

Virtual bank card: what do consumers need to know?

Before opening a virtual card online, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with its functionality and features. So, a virtual MasterCard card is a digital medium on which it is possible to store money, as well as make money transactions with it. The main difference from plastic is the absence of a physical analogue.

What are the benefits of a virtual card? Just like a plastic bank card, a virtual card, the quick processing of which is available on our website, is many times more profitable than cash. It is easy to make purchases in online and offline stores by downloading it to the Google Pay / Apple Pay application. The cashback function allows you to save a lot, and the credit, that is, the overdraft part, is sometimes able to save the family budget. It is also beneficial to have it with you when traveling, because with cash it is not always possible to feel safe.

We should also highlight the fact that digital cards do not have a significant drawback of their physical counterparts. Due to the lack of a plastic «shell», getting a virtual card is much easier, it cannot be broken or damaged. In addition, it will never become a reason for theft for real attackers – they will not even get its details (PIN code, number, expiration date, CVV code).

How to create a virtual card?

WestStein customers can easily get a virtual card tool for free and in a very short time. In order to become a cardholder, you must fill out a registration form on our website. You can find it by clicking on the link “Open my account”. After filling in your personal data, you should go through verification, that is, confirm your phone number and email address. Immediately after that, you have access to your personal account, bank account and virtual card. Isn`t it simple?

If you have a question: how to use a virtual card – read the information below.

The main purpose of a digital card is a variety of online payments

Have you encountered the fact that the site on which you wish to make a purchase requests card data. Entering them everywhere while surfing the net is not safe, which is why it is recommended to use a digital card. It can be used in two ways:

  1. When paying for goods/services via the Internet, indicate the card details (number, expiration date, CVC2 code) in the payment form and go through verification. Some software will prompt the user to remember this data and will only ask for a code or confirmation of the operation thanks to the SMS code.
  2. Virtual card can also be linked to Google Pay, Apple Pay and others. The convenience lies in the fact that you only need to enter data once and the system will automatically take them into account when making payments. In addition, thanks to these applications, the digital card can also be used in real stores. To do so, you need to enable the NFC (wireless data transmission technology) function and bring your smartphone or any other gadget to the POS terminal. Sometimes it is even possible to withdraw cash from ATMs that support contactless payments.

With the WestStein card, you will be able to freely carry out monetary transactions in a way convenient for you. In addition, account maintenance is available at affordable prices, and data confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.