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How to protect a bank card from fraudsters

Scammers are inventing new ways to get your money. So keeping all your savings on a plastic card is not the best option. The safest way today is with a virtual debit card.

Is the virtual card safe?

Virtual cards are valued by everyone primarily for their safety. So, when shopping on the Internet, you do not run the risk of losing all your money, and even share confidential data with a site that is not known for what purposes it will be used in the future. If you have a digital card, you do not need to enter the details. They will only be known to you.

In addition, you can create a free online account to which you can transfer the amount required for the purchase. With the help of such a card, you will be able to pay in a controlled manner for all your subscriptions and a number of other services. So you will definitely be sure that your savings are safe.

Also, the internet card guarantees complete confidentiality. So it should be used for making payments and transfers in the event that you do not want to provide card details.

It is also worth using such a card when calculating at retail outlets. After all, fraudsters can spy on the data of a plastic card, and in the future withdraw all funds on it. This is not possible when you pay for the purchase using your mobile phone.

Withdrawing money is also safer. After all, modern fraudsters often install readers on ATMs that allow them to steal your personal data. So you, without even knowing it, can become a victim of thieves. Therefore, using a smartphone in many plans is more convenient and safer.

The WestStein prepaid card can be used as an add-on card – only for one-time or scheduled purchases. Unfortunately, many who use the main card for such purposes, where many payments are received, as a result, lose all their money or, which is slightly better, the time that will need to be spent on blocking and restoring the card. Cases of fraud are becoming more common, so we recommend that you think about the proper storage of your own savings now.

How to protect your money

We recommend applying for a virtual card right now to make your online purchases more secure. After all, not all methods of extracting confidential information for fraudulent purposes are obvious today. You may not even suspect that someone wants to take over your funds. So preventive measures can help.

If you have a virtual card, you can fully control all transactions and check your account at any time. You also receive notifications about any actions with your card. Each client can additionally set a payment limit on the Internet, and change it only if necessary. This gives you additional guarantees and confidence that your money will not go anywhere.

You can open a free online account at any time or close it if you have any concerns or doubts. We generally recommend getting such a card for making purchases on the Internet only. You can also open an account before your planned trip by transferring the amount you need for your vacation. This way you will not spend more than you planned, and you can also use the money without commission.

But even if you use a virtual card, you should be careful. So, we do not recommend using other people’s devices to enter the application. After all, this is how you provide unauthorized people with access to your card. Use only your personal phone and computer, do not transfer data to unauthorized persons.

By following the basic rules, you can not be afraid that your money will be stolen. What’s more, virtual cards also allow you to control your kids’ pocket money. After all, you can link several more cards to the main account. For example, for your children. This allows you to track what the child spends money on and to monitor the status of the account in real time. In addition, your child will definitely not lose the card, as is often the case when using plastic. It also reduces the risk of fraud. You can also remove an additional card at any time if it is necessary for any reason.

In order not to become a victim of scammers, we recommend opening an online checking account. After all, a virtual card is in no way inferior in terms of functionality to a plastic one. But it provides users with one hundred percent safety if all recommendations for use have been followed.

You can get the card in a matter of minutes. After all, there is no need to go to a bank branch, stand in line and go through many bureaucratic steps. Now you can get a convenient and safe virtual card anywhere, while saving time and, as a result, nerves.