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How to profitably open a business account online

Entrepreneurs and businessmen carry out many transactions, which are closely monitored by the tax authorities and require accountability for each transaction. If you are tired of this situation or you haven’t got into it yet, we recommend opening a business account with the financial company WestStein.

By becoming a WestStein client, you will be able to appreciate the full range of services provided by the company. All services are aimed at the successful conduct of business and reducing the amount of reporting red tape.

How to open a checking account for business

Every legal entity must have a checking account. Entrepreneurs who receive and transfer non-cash funds also cannot do without it. There are, of course, businessmen who work only with cash, but this is very rare nowadays and is the exception rather than the rule.
It is also very important for freelancers to have an online checking account, as almost everyone receives fees by bank transfer. And if you open a current account for a small business online, you can not only receive various payments on it but also make purchases, travel, and make international money transfers. It is especially pleasant that you can open a current account for free at any time.

How to quickly open an online account in a financial institution, and what is needed for this? You only need to spend a few minutes for the mandatory registration. Fill out a standard form in which you indicate your name, surname, phone number, address of registration, and email. Then go through verification by answering the call of the company manager. So you will become the owner of a personal online account and a virtual card. A plastic analog of digital card will be delivered to you in 10 days to the specified address.
After that, having replenished the account in a convenient way, you will be able to carry out any financial transactions for any amount. The financial company does not set a limit on the replenishment of funds.

Benefits of a checking account for business

Opening a bank account for legal entities provides many opportunities for entrepreneurs. Let`s consider the main advantages:
• implementation of unlimited international money transfers, “B to B” transfers (business-to-business);
• seamless and fast receipt of payments from consumers and business partners;
• transfers to regulatory authorities, payment of insurance and taxes;
• payment of wages and other monetary rewards to employees;
• beneficial storage of the company’s funds;
• cashing out at ATMs all over the world on favorable terms;
• the ability to open an account for keeping funds for entertainment expenses, access to it can be provided by several persons, for example, top management;
• the account can be indicated when participating in tenders, public procurement;
• the account can be used to create the company's life, that is, payment for cleaning services, purchase of office supplies, furniture, tea, coffee, and other necessary things.

A particular advantage is that our support service is multilingual. The client can choose the language of communication: English, German, Latvian, Polish, and Russian. Financial consultants of the company will contact you in any convenient way – by phone, chat, or e-mail.
The cost of maintaining a WestStein account is affordable and much lower than similar services offer. All information on payment for services is collected on our website in the public domain.

If you have several branches that operate in different cities and even countries, you can open an individual account for each branch. All information about cash flows is collected in the Personal Account. Reporting and analytics are very simple, you do not need to have special accounting knowledge. You can track the expenses and income of different branches at any time.
A very convenient mobile application that is installed on a smartphone through the AppStore and Google Play allows you to view analytics, transfer money, and replenish accounts at any time. The main requirement is access to the Internet. With our support, your business will earn one hundred percent, significantly increasing profits and reducing losses.

Creating a corporate account

It is very convenient to create a corporate account. For example, the account's owner is the CEO, but the chief accountant and financial manager can use it. Typically, such accounts are created to pay entertainment expenses and utilities, settlements with suppliers and creditors, and expenses to maintain the life of the office. This account can be used by several people, but only the account owner can track the statistics.

Open an online WestStein account for a more successful business.