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How to open a corporate account online

Today you have a unique opportunity to open a corporate account quickly and as simply as possible. You will receive your card absolutely free. The operation will take a maximum of 5 minutes.

How to open a corporate account

There is nothing easier than opening a corporate online account. You just need to fill out a fairly simple form. To do this, you do not need to waste time going to banks and other institutions, there is no bureaucracy, everything is done in such a way that it is as convenient for you as possible.

When you fill out the form, a qualified manager will contact you shortly, who will further provide you with consulting and other services regarding the account.

You will be provided with a small list of documentation that you will need to provide in order to legally open an account. There is nothing difficult, you will also need a minimum amount of time for that.

This is all you need to open a corporate account. The next stage is the approval of the application by the employees. After that, the electronic wallet is activated, which can already be used. But first you need to calculate how many cards you need for all the employees.

Once you’ve opened a business account, you can start using it. To avoid mistakes and use all available functions, you will receive a detailed consultation from managers.

Why do you need a corporate account

By opening a free online account, you can use the cards as standard bank. For example, to pay for services and goods in physical shops, to make online purchases. There is also an ATM withdrawal function.

Also, the account holder can set a payment limit, taking into account the actual purpose of the open account. The terms of use are also set by the owner. For example, you can set that it is impossible to pay for personal needs with this card, but only goods and services needed by the company.

A current bank account for business has another significant advantage: there is no need to bother with collecting checks and other reporting documentation. All the information about financial transactions will be available and collected in one place.

Having a modern electronic wallet, you will get rid of a huge amount of documents, which usually accumulate in the course of work and numerous financial transactions. WestStein is an opportunity to conduct all financial affairs as transparently as possible, receiving, if necessary, all the information you need.

With a current bank account you will be able to provide your employees with a controlled amount of funds that are solely meant for work expenses. The list of expense items is determined by the account holder independently. In some cases, such cards are used to compensate for business travel expenses or pay bills that are needed to implement projects or build relationships with customers.

The main plus is that the account holder can fully control all expenses, track banking transactions and, in case of misuse of funds, block transactions.

Many companies today decide to open a bank account for business, because there is no more accurate and simple method to control the finances and expenses of a large number of people. At the same time, you can open an account for an unlimited number of employees.

Also, the WestStein prepaid card allows you to automate the payroll process. You can set a recurring payment by determining the amount of the payment. Thus, you, as the owner of the company, will get rid of routine work, which, as a rule, takes a lot of time.

In addition, you can transfer money to the card regardless of where its owner is actually located. It can be not only another city, but also another country. It`s a perfect variant for constructive cooperation with business partners.

Now you can solve money issues with a few clicks of the mouse button as the processes are simplified as much as possible, and you can manage your account absolutely from any device. To make it even easier for you, try the application with the most advanced functionality and a simple interface.

Now, tasks that previously took several days can be solved online in just a few minutes. The system is constantly being improved, tools are being honed and functionality is expanding. The system is maximally adapted to the real needs of the business. Today, almost all large companies have a corporate online account. At the same time, the feedback on the use is only positive. Keep up with the times – stop paperwork once and for all.