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Free prepaid Mastercard

In the modern world, most people prefer to make payments using cashless methods. Paying in cash is not always convenient, especially if it occurs abroad. A prepaid card is a great alternative to cash and has many advantages.

Opening a prepaid card

A prepaid card is useful for those who prefer to make purchases online, travel to different countries, transfer money to children and relatives who live in other cities and countries. The advantage of prepaid cards is that they are not tied to a main bank account, but have an individual online account.

Prepaid cards are a banking product that allows you not to carry cash with you around the world and not to waste time searching for ATMs to withdraw them. The debit card is replenished using any convenient method. You can transfer the necessary amount from any bank account or in cash using a terminal.

WestStein prepaid virtual card

The virtual prepaid card allows you not to worry about losing the plastic card or cash. It’s also an advantage that you can constantly monitor all payments and see the balance on the account. All of this is possible thanks to the app, which is installed in the smartphone for user convenience. To become a virtual card owner, you need to open a virtual account. You don’t need to go to a bank branch with a stack of documents, just make one phone call or fill out the corresponding application on the WestStein financial company’s website. By filling out the form, which requires personal information (last name, first name, middle name), address of residency, phone number, email, and then passing verification, you will become a customer of the company. After this confirmation, you can use the card by first topping it up with a sum in euros. The entire procedure for opening a prepaid card is completely free. Ten days after opening the account, the plastic card will be delivered to you at the address indicated in the application.

Thanks to a personal IBAN code, the free prepaid card can be used not only for online shopping payments, paying in cafes and restaurants, booking hotels and flight tickets.

Advantages of using the WestStein prepaid card

By becoming a client of the financial company WestStein, you receive a multitude of advantages:

  1. Accessibility of account servicing with high-quality service.
  2. Receiving consultations from highly qualified personnel. Our company’s staff is made up exclusively of professionals who have education and experience in finance, banking and international relations.
  3. The user-friendly interface and perfect online banking has many functions for paying, transferring and receiving money on the card. The online banking apps can be downloaded from AppStore and GooglePlay.
  4. You don’t need to pay an additional fee for overdraft as it is not provided.
  5. Your money and personal information is securely stored. Each card is secured with an individual PIN code and protected by the Mastercard 3D Secure system.
  6. The versatility of using a payment card. The prepaid card can be used in all countries where the Mastercard payment system is available.
  7. The employees of the financial company WestStein speak the language you know – English, Russian, Latvian and German.
  8. The card is replenished instantly, it is only necessary to be in the internet coverage area.

To avoid becoming a target for fraudsters, it is necessary to follow the security instructions provided by the financial institution’s employees and never reveal passwords or information about the amount of money on the card.

Many people in the world have appreciated the use of a prepaid card and agree that it is the most convenient payment tool for shopping and transactions in both the real and virtual world. With a prepaid card, it is possible to plan one’s expenses within the budget. Additionally, a prepaid card can be a family savings account as with the creation of a virtual account, three cards can be obtained.

Enjoy shopping and paying with the WestStein prepaid card!