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Best Virtual Mastercard

Now online shopping has become much more popular than a couple of years ago. And it’s not just that. It is more convenient and faster to make online purchases, and many stores have a delivery service, which is also important.
To shop online, it is essential to have a payment instrument, such as a WestStein virtual card.

How to open a virtual card, what are its advantages

The WestStein virtual card is available for use by all customers of our service. To obtain it, you need to spend very little of your time on the mandatory registration on the site and opening an online WestStein account.

After opening an account, you will have access to a virtual Mastercard, which you can use immediately after replenishing it in any convenient way. Its physical plastic counterpart will be delivered 10 days later.
Our clients receive a virtual Mastercard free of charge. With it, you can pay online and in real stores, withdraw cash from ATMs, receive various payments, settle accounts with partners and suppliers, make international money transfers, and book hotels and flights.
With a smartphone with an NFC function, you can make contactless purchases in real stores worldwide. You need to download the mobile application to your phone.

Consider the main advantages of a digital MasterCard:
• quick registration and immediate use for settlements;
• free access to your personal online account;
• it is impossible to lose a virtual card, like cash or a regular plastic card;
• it is protected from intruders (in case the phone is lost) with a mobile password;
• the cost of servicing the card is affordable compared to the prices set by competitors;
• in terms of ecology, a virtual card will not become an element that pollutes the environment, unlike a plastic card;
• the presence of notifications about the transactions made allows you to conduct analytics in time and monitor the status of your account.

How not to become a victim of scammers when using bank cards?

Although all payment services try to ensure the safety of their customers to the maximum, scammers still break into the Internet space.
The very first and most important security rule is not to tell anyone passwords and keep information about the state of your account secret. Employees of financial and payment organizations will never call or write with a request to provide their account number, pin code, or other confidential information. I mean, be careful!

Ease of use of the WestStein digital card

The WestStein digital card has no limits. You can replenish it with the amount that you consider necessary. Very often, a virtual card becomes the main payment instrument during shopping. This card contains only your own funds, there is no overdraft, which is present on all credit cards. Therefore, plunging into the world of shopping, you will not spend more than you should and will not get into credit funds, which must be returned with interest.

A virtual prepaid card is also convenient to use on vacations. You should first calculate your budget, which you plan to spend on a trip, and you can safely go on an adventure. You can book hotels with the card, by the way, on the WestStein website.
If you suddenly need cash, you can withdraw it from any ATM with a minimum commission.

In your personal account, you can set a daily limit for yourself to avoid spending more than expected.
It is also very convenient that when you open a WestStein online account, you become the owner of three cards at once. This may be a card with a family budget, the balance of which is monitored by the account holder.
Clients of the WestStein financial company have several advantages:
• affordable cost of account maintenance at the highest level of service provided;
• multilingual team of financial advisors;
• free account opening and provision of a virtual card;
• implementation of instant international transfers from card to card;
• Internet banking is perfect and easy to use, with many necessary functions, its application is available for download in the AppStore and GooglePlay;
• there is no overdraft, for which some companies charge commission;
• replenishment is possible in any way convenient for the client;
• the prepaid card can be used in all corners of the world where the Mastercard 3D Secure payment system operates;
• super reliable protection and security of confidential information since all cards have a unique pin code and are protected by the Mastercard 3D Secure system;
• It is possible to withdraw cash from any ATM.

Decide to create a virtual Mastercard and use its unlimited possibilities!