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Benefits of the Weststein mobile app

Now you will not surprise anyone with settlements and payments online. However, there is not always a computer or tablet at hand from which transactions are carried out. Another thing is a smartphone, which usually everyone keeps with them. Therefore, the use of the Weststein mobile application is very relevant.

WestStein mobile app

The benefits of the WestStein app can only be enjoyed by the company’s customers. Therefore, if you are not our active users yet, hurry up and complete the mandatory registration on the site so as not to miss anything interesting.

Registration does not take much time and is mandatory. You will need to enter your personal data, last name, first name, contact phone number, email address, registration address in a standard form. After verification, which also does not take much time, you become a client of WestStein and can actively use its services.

Distinctive Features of the WestStein App

To find out more about the WestStein financial service, use the method that suits you best:

  • WestStein official website;
  • WestStein android application;
  • WestStein iOS app.

Let’s look at what has changed and what are the further plans for the development of the WestStein platform:

●regular customers must have immediately noticed the change in design;
●The WestStein service allows you to synchronize the platforms of the web version and the mobile application, which makes it possible to view the balance, make transactions on any gadget, at any time where there is Internet access;
●possibility to export the confirmation of the completed transaction to PDF format with one click;
●now filtering of the archive of payments by recipients, amount, IBAN code, details, status, date and time is available, with which you can find the necessary payment, as well as analyze the information;
●The format of the system is the same for legal entities and for individuals, which is very convenient when managing corporate and personal finances;
●Logging into the system by e-mail address and password, entering the card number is required only at the first login, after which it will be necessary to confirm the e-mail address that will be used for subsequent login to the portal;
● it is possible to connect the service – receive an SMS about the payment, after each transaction, if you wish, we will send a message about the movement of funds;
●all information about financial transactions performed is stored in the payment history;
●after verification, you become the owner of three prepaid cards that you can give to your family members or children, while your profile will display information on the movement of funds for all cards;
●Now you can upload an image to your profile;
●now you get access to the client portal without waiting for activation, it was impossible to do it before;
●an additional level of security is introduced – during each transaction, an authorization code will be sent via SMS, which will need to be entered on the phone to confirm the payment;
●We decided to introduce a double check before sending payments, since no one canceled the human factor, and everyone can make a mistake in a comma or figure, so you will need to enter the amount twice for your safety.

We hope you enjoy our new features and continue to actively use the WestStein app.

Current account free from WestStein

Our clients can open a current account free of charge, and they will also have access to a virtual card. It is a great alternative to a plastic card. It is very convenient to store money on it, pay in shops, restaurants, cafes, ordering flight tickets. Thus, ordering a WestStein virtual card is a great idea. After registering an online account, a plastic card will be delivered to you within 10 days.

All cash movements that you will carry out will be displayed in your application.

Booking hotels on the Weststein app

One of our new options, which our customers have already appreciated, is the ability to book a hotel in the Weststein app. Booking hotels on our service is not only very convenient, but also profitable. Our booking prices are 30% lower than the service.

When choosing the perfect hotel option in the application, it is very convenient to use filters. Using them, you can select hotels in exactly those countries and cities that are of interest to you, and you can also filter them by star rating and price. The application contains actual photos of the hotel locations, rooms, infrastructure, as well as information about the additional services provided and catering systems.