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Which card is better to issue for trips around Europe?

Modern man strives for comfort and freedom in everything. So, when making tourist trips or business trips, the person wants to have constant access to his funds, while not minimizing the risk of unsafe situations. Undoubtedly, traveling with cash today is bad manners and most likely an extremely uncomfortable decision, so the experts of the WestStein financial institution in this article spoke about which card is better to issue for trips around Europe.

In addition, here you will find information on how to issue a virtual card – an indispensable financial instrument in today’s realities.

What are the best bank cards for travel?

Often a person tends to plan long-distance travel, even if it is a spontaneous trip. In just a few hours, it is possible to find out key information about what a bank card is needed for. Digitalization is proceeding by leaps and bounds and it is hard to argue with this, that is why the demand for cashless payments has grown so much, as well as virtual wallets that are easy to use in real stores.

In Europe, the cashless system is well developed, in addition, in some situations, paying with a card is not only more convenient and faster, but also more profitable, since there are various discount systems, including cashback.

When crossing the border with a lot of cash, the regulatory authorities may have questions for you. The WestStein Virtual Prepaid Card will also help you to avoid this. In addition, the holder of such card will not have problems with currency conversion, it is possible to store savings in euros on our card.

A few financial tips before going abroad

Having even the most reliable online account, you should take care of your financial comfort yourself. That is why it is recommended to think in advance how purchases and payment for services in European countries will be implemented. Here are some recommendations for this:

  1. Find out more about the country you are going to: currency, which payment system prevails, whether it is possible to pay with a card at gas stations, restaurants and hotels, whether ATMs are freely available. Best of all in this case, travel forums and consultations with travel agents.
  2. Equally important is the issue of security. For example, in some exotic countries there are problems with crime, as well as the availability of ATMs. In the case of the European zone, there should be no problems. If you need to withdraw cash or exchange currency, do it in special institutions, preferably in a protected area.
  3. Ask about commissions when withdrawing cash. Consider the fact that not only your bank can charge a penalty, but also the financial institution that owns the ATM.
  4. It is also important to know about the restrictions and limits on the card for monetary transactions.
  5. Decide on a payment system or get several cards. In our service, the client can easily order a prepaid Mastercard card, which will definitely become an excellent assistant during the trip.
  6. Warn bank employees about the upcoming trip. This minimizes the risk of blocking your card while you make transactions from a location that is not typical for your place of residence.

How to open a free online account?

WestStein service provides its customers with this unique opportunity. On our website, anyone can create a personal account and get a secure bank account, as well as several cards for it.

The offer seems beneficial not only because of its simplicity, but also because of its mobility, as it is possible to receive international transfers on a WestStein card, including in foreign currency, pay with it on the Internet and in real stores, and monitor all transactions through an understandable mobile application.

Our experts, who have many years of experience in banking and international relations, have formed a diversified complex of financial services. Employees in a convenient format for the client (chat, correspondence by e-mail, by phone) provide consulting services and help to quickly solve the current problem situations.

We prioritize the desire of the client, therefore we offer services not only to individuals, but also to organizations. The current account will allow businessmen to optimize their activities, as well as to collect the relevant reporting documentation for regulatory authorities without unnecessary paperwork.

With our support, customers optimize their spending, seamlessly make purchases online and offline, and control all monetary transactions. Hurry up and become the proud owner of a WestStein prepaid card.