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What is the difference between a salary card and a regular debit card?

For a long time, a bank card has become a convenient financial instrument for carrying out various operations related to cash. Plastic cards make it possible not to carry cash with you, and also to easily pay not only in stationary stores, but also on the Internet to make purchases online. Certain banking operations, cash withdrawals, transfers between cards make our life easier and more comfortable. Nevertheless, there are several types of plastic cards that differ not only in name, but also in the opportunities provided for their users. These are credit cards, debit cards, and a payroll card. In order to understand which card is right for you, you should consider in more detail the main types of banking plastic, their main features and differences.

Due to the wide popularity and ease of use, many decide to issue a virtual card. To do this, it is enough to apply online and wait for a decision from the financial company. To order a prepaid MasterCard, you do not need to stand in line at banks. All you need to do is bring your phone or computer with you.

What is a debit card?

When comparing a credit card and a debit card, the difference is that the bank indicates the limit of the credit card. In this case a financial institution first allows you to spend funds, and only then replenish them by paying off credit debts by depositing funds to the card account. As for the debit card, in this option, you first need to replenish the balance, and only then you can spend the money. Thus, a debit card is a bank card tied to an account where the client’s personal money is stored.

You can use money from a debit card without restrictions. The only thing is that this money should be replenished to the card. With its help, you can make purchases via the Internet or in stationary stores, withdraw cash from it, replenish your account, and make money transfers to other cards. The WestStain virtual card allows you to make all financial transactions around the world in euros, which is one of its main advantages.

It is important to note that the costs of maintaining the card are borne by the cardholder himself, paying service fees, SMS notifications, as well as other services offered by the bank. Moreover, all debit cards can be both classic and premium. The payment system can also be different: Visa, MasterCard and others.

Individual salary card: main differences from a debit card

It is important to understand that a salary card is essentially a regular debit card that is tied to a specific salary project established between the bank and the employing company. Due to the fact that almost all employers transfer the salary of their employees to bank cards, the use of salary cards is quite convenient.

Very often, future holders do not need to go to the bank on their own to apply for a salary card. All this is done by the organization where the person works. However, if you decide to apply for a salary card from another bank or financial institution, you should apply for it yourself, providing the employer with all available data for future salary payments.

Despite the fact that a salary card, like a debit card, is issued with a zero limit, the main source of its replenishment is the transfer of the holder’s salary to it. In addition, it is to this card that the employer company transfers other money due to the employee: vacation pay, disability certificates, as well as travel expenses and other money transfers. If we consider the functionality of such a plastic card, then it practically does not differ from a debit card. However, there is one significant difference – all expenses for the maintenance of the card are borne by the employer.

The main differences between debit and salary cards

1. The holder of a salary card can only be an adult and employed person. A debit card is available from 14 years of age without reference to work.
2. The employer often decides in which bank and according to which system a card is issued for payments. However, you can always provide your own data on the existing card to work in the employer’s company.
3. The initiator of issuing a salary card is not the client himself, but the employer.

The WestStein Prepaid Card allows you to deposit and withdraw funds in a wide range of currencies around the world, no matter where you are. If you decide to order a WestStein payroll card, contact the company manager or apply online directly from your phone or computer. It’s fast, convenient and reliable.