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What is the difference between a physical (plastic card) and a virtual one?

The main difference between virtual cards and ordinary cards is the absence of plastic media. A modern virtual card has all the same details as a standard one, but you can find out them through your personal account or a convenient application.

Benefits of virtual cards

You can get a virtual card literally in a matter of minutes, so you don’t have to waste time going to the office. In just a few minutes, you will receive a free online account.

You can use the map almost all over the world. After all, you can pay with it in more than 30 million retail outlets. In this case, payments can be made contactless, and a confirmation function using a PIN code is also possible. You will also not have any problems with cash withdrawals, because you can do this at almost any ATM, regardless of which group the bank belongs to. At the same time, you can do this without a commission, which significantly saves your money. Therefore, many people choose virtual cards as a reliable wallet when traveling.

In addition, the WestStein prepaid card will not allow you to go into the red. After all, you can spend exactly as much as was previously listed. This allows you to streamline costs and control your budget more closely.

Also, the Internet card is suitable for receiving wages, you can use it all over the world. There is an opportunity to receive transfers as a self-employed person, which saves you a number of hassles and saves money. It is also possible to withdraw money from electronic wallets.

The most convenient thing is that you can link several different cards to one account. You can give one of the cards to your child (from 13 years old). This will make it convenient and safe to send pocket money and control what your child spends on it. It is much safer than pocket cash. In addition, you can use the card to teach your child how to properly manage money.

Also, ordering a prepaid Mastercard is a must if you often shop online. This way you do not have to take risks and share confidential information with different sites every time. After all, your data will be maximally protected. You also do not run the risk of becoming a victim of scammers who have been inventing more and more sophisticated ways of extorting money lately.

Features of plastic cards

Today everyone can get a prepaid card. Many banks also refuse to use plastic cards, because, although they please with functionality, they still have a large number of disadvantages.

One of the main ones is that it is very easy to lose or damage a physical card. As a result, you will have to spend time to immediately block the card, and then replace it. If you have a virtual card, such problems simply cannot arise.

In addition, physical cards are generally more readily available to fraudsters. After all, criminals have long studied the principle of their work, they know all the weak points and many ways to take possession of your money. This does not happen with the owners of virtual cards, because the level of security and safety is very high. This also applies to paying for purchases on the Internet.

Another inconvenience that physical cardholders face is the limited number of ATMs. And they are not always located in a convenient place for the client. But when using ATMs of another bank, you will have to pay a considerable percentage for the operation. If you have a virtual card, you can withdraw cash at any ATM without commission.

With a virtual card, you can open an online checking account in just a few minutes. This requires a minimum of information and action. But to get a physical card, you often have to wait several days.

Another disadvantage that many people face is the payment for keeping their own money. Today, many banks charge an annual or monthly fee to service your card. As a rule, you have to pay a little, but this payment is still there.

Also, problems can arise during use. Every plastic owner at least once faced the fact that the terminal simply refuses to read the card. This causes a number of inconveniences. Payment using a smartphone is much more convenient in this regard.

And one more important point: a virtual debit card guarantees one hundred percent confidentiality. Whereas when using plastic, you can often encounter a number of frauds and illegal use of personal data.

That is why virtual cards are becoming more popular. After all, they are in no way inferior in terms of functionality to plastic, on the contrary, they provide customers with more advanced capabilities and additional guarantees.