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What is the best e-wallet to have?

Electronic wallets are a great alternative to cash and credit cards. An electronic wallet can be opened in order to comfortably and quickly make payments in online stores, as well as in offline stores around the world.

What is an electronic wallet?

An e-wallet is a repository for all your payment instruments such as bank accounts, cards, cash. Just like banknotes and payment cards are placed in a regular wallet, an electronic wallet contains electronic media.
Now more and more people prefer electronic payments, as it is much more convenient than physical payment methods. The likelihood of cash and wallet theft reduces. It cannot be lost, since the electronic wallet is linked to your account and only you or someone who enjoys your increased trust and knows the passwords and authorization details to enter it.
An electronic wallet can be closed or blocked at any time at the discretion of the client.

Benefits of an e-wallet from WestStein

When people begin to think about which electronic wallet is better, they analyze the possibilities and degree of security of this resource. The WestStein Internet wallet has all the advantages that this payment instrument should have. After opening a WestStein online account, WestStein customers become owners of debit cards – virtual and real plastic ones.
Thanks to this, customers can use all forms of payment without restrictions and use the most convenient ways to replenish an electronic wallet. You can choose the method of replenishment at the bank’s cash desk, through a payment terminal or transfer money from card to card.
The virtual wallet from our company also has a significant advantage over other online wallets, which is that you do not need to open a personal bank account. This is a completely independent online account where you can keep as much money as you want. All information that is on the WestStein e-wallet is securely protected by a multi-level security system.

How to open an electronic wallet

In order to become a client of the WestStein financial service and use the full range of services, you need to go through a simple registration on the official website. After filling out the questionnaire and checking it, you will get the access to your personal account and your online account. In the questionnaire, you will need to indicate your personal data: last name and first name, phone number, address of registration, e-mail.
Having passed authorization and replenished your electronic wallet in any convenient way, you will be able to make secure financial transactions in euros. This is a very simple way to pay for purchases in online stores, the ability to book air tickets and hotels around the world, pay in cafes and restaurants.
Since the WestStein online wallet belongs to international electronic wallets, it can be used to make international money transfers around the world.
After opening an account, a virtual card will be available to the client, which is protected by a password. A plastic equivalent of an electronic card will be delivered to the address specified in the questionnaire.

Where can the WestStein e-wallet be used?

Let`s speak about the areas where electronic wallets are widely used.
1. Payments on the Internet. By simply linking the wallet to the payment system, you can pay for purchases and services without wasting time entering a password.
2. For the safe storage of funds. It is very convenient to receive fees online to an electronic wallet, since you will need to pay a commission for a withdrawal from a bank account.
3. An electronic wallet is a must for modern travelers. No need to bother with currency exchange, carry cash and bank cards with you. All payments in stores, hotels, airports, cafes, restaurants can be done from a smartphone by installing the WestStein mobile application. The ease of use of the application lies in the fact that you can easily track the analytics of the movement of funds, replenish your account on time and quickly make the necessary prepayment.
4. When making a transaction through a mobile wallet, it is impossible to obtain confidential information about a person. All information will be hidden from outsiders. Such information is available after the user verification.

If you are not yet a WestStein customer. We advise you to join us as soon as possible and become the owner of the best electronic wallet. Once you start using it, you will quickly realize how convenient, easy and most importantly safe it is.