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What documents do I need to apply for a virtual card?

A virtual card is an excellent alternative to the usual plastic bank card. Very often, the use of such a card is much more profitable and easier. This is due to the following possibilities that it gives:

  • For safe use, virtual card can be connected to a contactless payment system. Thus, all payments can be made using a mobile phone. It is also very safe, since the card cannot be stolen, you will not be able to lose it. As a result, none of unauthorized persons will be able to use your personal data and bypass the security system.
  • This is a great way to quickly pay for purchases online. If you have both a plastic card and a virtual one, you can only provide the online store with data from a digital one.
  • When subscribing to Internet services, the details of a virtual card can be specified in your information. Don’t forget to set limits. So, if you forget to cancel the subscription you do not need, the money will not be withdrawn.
  • This is a great option for booking flights, hotels, bus or train tickets.

How to issue a virtual card online?

Initially, it should be noted that only persons who are over 18 years old can register in the WestStein system. Issuing a virtual bank card is very simple. To do so, just fill out a simple form posted on the company’s website. Once registration is completed, an account is automatically opened and your virtual debit card is ready to be used. All data on your card can be obtained in the “Cards” section using the client portal. Also, this information is available through the mobile phone application, which must be installed in order to successfully use your account.

However, in order to be able to enjoy all the benefits that the card gives, it is necessary to pass verification through a simple process of identifying you. After that, feel free to replenish your account, expand the limits and use the card.

WestStein is the guarantor of the safety of your funds. In addition, you have the right to cancel the use of the card at any time.

What documents are required to issue a virtual card?

It is essential that you provide WestStein with your personal data in order to issue a virtual card so that you can use your account with confidence and the financial institution can provide you with all the services you need. This applies not only to the user, but also to those who will be the owner of additional cards, the authorized persons. This is possible only with the consent of the client.

So, for the data collection, the consent of the client is requested. Everyone has the right to provide it to the company or refuse to do so. However, in case of refusal, the financial company will not be able to provide any services and will be forced to refuse to open a card to the client, since the institution is obliged to act within the law.

In the event that you consent to the processing of personal data, the manager of WestStein will call you back any time soon and indicate the list of documents that are necessary for the further successful possession of the card.

Order a virtual Mastercard from WestStein

The world is changing rapidly and many banks already offer their customers the opportunity to issue a virtual card. This solution brings many benefits to users. Everyone can open a digital account as an addition to the main one (plastic card) or as an independent one, not tied to any other card.

There are various forms of cards depending on the system, their type, as well as the currency. When applying for a virtual card, you must provide the financial institution with not only contact details, first name, last name, but also indicate the date of birth. Many banks ask for personal data and some documents. This may be a passport, a certificate of assignment of an identification number, and others. Of course, as with any other transaction, a user agreement is signed, according to which you have the right to use your virtual account, and a banking or financial institution is obliged to provide a certain list of services.

You can learn more about which documents are required in order to issue a virtual card from the manager of a WestStein financial institution. He/she will tell in more detail about what card options are available (for example, a WestStein prepaid card or a debit card), what opportunities are provided to users, and most importantly, the conditions under which cards can be issued. As a rule, a free virtual card is activated in a matter of minutes, and clients have excellent opportunities to manage their own money.