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WestStein Prepaid Mastercard: The Perfect Travel Solution

Today, a person can move freely between almost all the countries, especially when it comes to simple tourism. But carrying cash with you, especially in large amounts, is unsafe and inconvenient – what should you do? The WestStein Prepaid Mastercard is a great travel solution and a convenient financial tool that can be used anywhere.

WestStein service experts emphasize that cashless payments are the most popular payment method after the events of the coronavirus pandemic. Refusing cash is not only ergonomic, but also more hygienic, because only one person uses a card or smartphone with the NFC function. In addition, plastic carriers can be treated with antiseptic agents, which is quite convenient during voyages.

What should be the best bank cards for traveling abroad?

Avid travelers know that well-chosen card is a very important tool on which the comfort of the trip depends entirely. Therefore, the best travel card should meet the following requirements:

  • Favorable commission fee for cash withdrawal from an ATM;
  • the absence of an overdraft part to spend only the allotted amount during the trip;
  • Functional Internet banking and a mobile application, in which it is easy and quick to make any payment;
  • additional advantageous features, such as cashback;
  • democratic cost of service and the absence of unexpected paid features;
  • multicurrency, the ability to store funds in international currencies;
  • safe and confidential.

Given all the above characteristics, we can conclude that the WestStein virtual card is the perfect option for your trips. This payment instrument is not only 100% safe, but also has a minimal chance of being lost or stolen. In addition, such a travel bank card is equipped with an excellent security system – Mastercard 3D Secure – two-factor authentication of the holder.

How to order a Mastercard prepaid card?

This manipulation will definitely not take you much time. To get started, go to the WestStein service page and click on the “Open my account” section. Next, you will see the registration form – enter your data in its lines and go through verification. The system will ask you to confirm the specified phone number and email address. Thus, it is possible not only to issue a virtual card, but also to become the owner of a confidential, autonomous account that is not linked to your main bank account. For registration, you do not need to collect documentation – go through registration and actually use the card right away.

Travel debit cards: what to look out for?

The main rule when choosing a card: be guided by your own needs and do not be fooled by various profitable offers from financial institutions. First of all, you should decide on the necessary functionality and only after that select a card. You should consider: how are things going with non-cash payments in the country where you are going, are there ATMs and terminals in the public domain, is it safe to use them, what are the conditions for cash withdrawals and limits on various operations, are there currency exchanges, are there profitable rates. After agreeing on all these nuances, you can proceed to the choice of the card.

You should not neglect your own safety, therefore, for travel, you should allocate a certain carrier, on which there will be a fixed amount of money for making purchases.

Benefits of WestStein Service

Thus, the Mastercard card offered by us will unconditionally become a reliable assistant during the voyage. Such “plastic” is accepted in almost all countries, the base currency for settlements is the euro, so it is ideal for those who are going to travel to European countries.

In addition, among the advantages of our service is constant customer support. Our qualified managers are ready to help you at any time, as well as in a format convenient for you – a chat in a messenger, email correspondence, a phone call. In addition, the employee is ready to provide the necessary information and advise you before traveling abroad.

Intuitive and ergonomic mobile banking will allow you to manage finances and track all transactions in just a few clicks. To do so, you should have a smartphone or other gadget at hand, as well as access to the network.

We also guarantee affordable service costs, favorable conditions for cashing out funds, and 100% security and confidentiality of your data.