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WestStein prepaid card: how to order

In the modern world, cashless payments have already taken their firm position. It is already quite difficult to find a person who would have never used a bank card in their life. The prepaid card is especially popular. With the help of this convenient tool, purchases of goods and services are carried out, both in regular stores and in the Internet.

Prepaid card from WestStein – the best solution

In order for the use of a prepaid card to be safe and successful, it is necessary to issue it with trusted and reliable financial institutions. Such a company with an excellent reputation and extensive experience is the financial service WestStein.
A free prepaid card is issued almost instantly, it has no limits or other restrictions. The cardholder uses it at his own discretion, without reporting to the financial institution.

Prepaid cards from the financial company WestStein are an indispensable tool in the financial market, which is also completely confidential and secure. The main advantage of the card is that the card is not tied to the main account, but is completely independent. You can use it when making various purchases on the Internet, in physical stores, when booking flights and hotels around the world, use it to make money transfers, etc. Or you can just deposit a certain amount of money, make a purchase, for example, a car or other equipment, and then just close the card and not use it anymore.

Advantages of a prepaid card over other bank cards

When it comes to the question of which card to issue at a particular financial institution, you need to proceed from basic needs. If you are used to having a certain amount in your account, in addition to your own funds, then you need a credit card with an overdraft. But in this case, you must remember that you will have to return the spent overdraft with interest.

If you need an alternative to cash and are not used to going over the limit, then the WestStein Prepaid Card is the perfect option. With this card, you can control and analyze your spending in a special application. It is very convenient that there is also a duplicate of it in the form of a virtual prepaid card. It has the same properties as a plastic card, but you can pay with it using a smartphone in places where NFC works. You definitely won’t lose this card, you won’t forget it at an ATM, and no one can steal it from you.

How to quickly order a prepaid Mastercard?

If you want to order a prepaid Mastercard, then you need to follow a few simple steps.

Go to the WestStein website and click on the “Open my account” button. After this request, you will need to fill out a registration form, which will require you to specify your last name, first name, phone number, email address. Then you will be able to enter your personal account and bank account. After confirming your identity, you can replenish your account in any convenient way and make purchases with pleasure. The necessary information and instructions for managing your account will be sent to your email. The real plastic card will be delivered to the customer’s specified address in 10 business days.

WestStein provides its customers with a high level of service and excellent consulting services. If you have any questions about servicing or using a prepaid card, you can always contact customer support. Our experts will answer all your questions in a language convenient for you.
How to use your WestStein prepaid card safely

Any payment with a bank card has its share of risk. However, following our advice, you can easily minimize it.

1. Choose one gadget from which you will make transfers, access to it should be minimized.
2. Be sure to install an anti-virus program on the device from which you are transferring money.
3. Do not share your PIN codes, access passwords, account amounts, CVC code and other personal payment data with third parties under any pretext.
4. Remember that employees of banking and financial institutions never ask customers for information about cards.
5. Transfer money and make payments only from trusted sources.
6. Avoid suspicious hyperlinks that ask for data transfer.
7. Keep a certain amount of money on the card, for example, which you plan to spend in the coming days. If you use the card to store money on it, it is better not to carry it with you, but leave it in a safe place, for example, in a safe.
8. In case of loss of the card or leakage of information about account details, immediately block it.