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WestStein Prepaid Card: Features and Benefits

A modern person consumes a lot of market products, he/she is surrounded by them in personal and professional life. This, of course, should include not only the purchases made by the consumer, but also what he/she uses constantly and cannot refuse it, for example, electricity, water supply and the Internet. At the same time, each commercial platform has its own rules and requires mobility from the audience. So, to make a purchase in an online store, you need a virtual card with finances in it. The WestStein prepaid card, the features and benefits of which we will consider in this article, allows a person not only to realize all his financial ideas, but also to control spending, which is especially important given the spread of the philosophy of financial literacy.

Before you order a Mastercard prepaid card, you should understand when it can be used. In addition, WestStein experts spoke in detail about how to open an online checking account. To do this, you only need to have access to the network and a bit of your free time. After filling out the registration form on the official website, you should verify your data – confirm your phone number and email address. Immediately after that, the account is available for use, like a virtual debit card.

What is a virtual card for?

It is no secret that computer technology has stepped forward and now humanity has various payment instruments that work thanks to the Internet and special software. Thus, an Internet card is a modern tool for making various payments that is not tied to a real card. At the same time, thanks to Google Pay and Apple Pay, such a credit card can also be used in real stores, restaurants, pharmacies, hotels, airports, medical and educational institutions using a smartphone with the appropriate application.

Internet cards issued by different financial institutions have similar parameters, these should include: individual number, expiration date, username, three-digit CVV2 or CVC2 code.

In turn, issuing a prepaid card is possible anywhere, at home or in the office, the only condition is access to the network.

Benefits of virtual payment instruments:

  1. Mobility and convenience. A virtual card is always “at hand”, namely in the smartphone of the account holder. Thanks to the NFC contactless payment technology, many gadgets today help pay for goods or services by touching the POS terminal. In this case, you do not need to take out the card and enter a password, which is an additional protection of personal data.
  2. The ability to independently limit finances. The cardholder himself sets the limit of funds, which allows him to spend only within the budget. There is no fear that the credit share will be involved when debiting funds.
  3. Simple control. If there are financial difficulties or it is necessary to close the account, then the card is easily blocked, and the funds from it are withdrawn to another carrier.
  4. Security from various intruders. Offenders will not be able to obtain card details if the customer follows the usual security advice. In addition, no one will know your PIN and CVV2.

Personal data protection and unlimited transactions

A virtual card will be an excellent addition to a physical counterpart, and in some cases it will completely replace it. In turn, thanks to the available mobile application, each client will be able to track their expenses and control them, which will definitely have a positive effect on the family budget. An online account can be used not only in the territory of your state, but also abroad, which greatly simplifies the financial burden during business trips and tourist trips.

When planning to open an account and receive an e-card, you should carefully study the features of using each of the available options. There are enough options from financial companies, so the choice of product must be approached responsibly. A virtual debit card cannot be faked, cannot be stolen, and it is very easy to use, that is, this tool wins both in terms of convenience and security. Many WestStein customers have already noticed it, and we invite you to join their ranks. We guarantee that in cooperation with us you will learn how to properly manage finances, analyze cash transactions and, in general, be able to satisfy all your consumer needs without barriers and restrictions.