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WestStein online settlement account: how to open it?

Each organization and individuals who are registered as individual entrepreneurs and use non-cash payments in their activities should have a settlement account. It is best to do this in a trusted reliable bank, such as WestStein Bank.

If you are going to be a successful entrepreneur, you should open an online settlement account as soon as possible. With it, financial transfers are simple and fast, and there is also a great opportunity to control cash flows at any time convenient for you.

A WestStein online account can be opened without «long trips» to a bank office. You do not need to stand in line with documents and fill out many forms – everything happens clearly and quickly. An online settlement account is convenient because it allows you to make all transfers, settlements and payments related to the business, without limiting the entrepreneur in anything.

What is the purpose of opening a settlement account online?

Opening a settlement account online provides a lot of advantages and helps to simplify various manipulations with money.

The main advantages that may prompt the decision to open a current account for free are:

  • using it for revenue receipts;
  • to purchase various goods and services;
  • timely transfer tax deductions;
  • keep funds in a non-cash account;
  • make money transfers to foreign partners;
  • pay salaries to employees;
  • using the system to transfer funds;
  • to make mandatory payments without commission expenses to state bodies, such as a pension fund, tax office, insurance companies.

A company or an individual should open an account online in order to quickly carry out banking operations without wasting time, which will positively affect business activities. Conducting business processes in this way enhances the entrepreneur in the eyes of his partners and even competitors and inspires confidence, since everything happens transparently, without hidden fees, that is, within the law.

Using a current account for free is also beneficial in that you save on commission fees when paying salaries to employees.

Opening an account online

The service of WestStein Bank is designed so that customers do not experience difficulties when opening an account. Therefore, if you want to know how to open an online account, use the following algorithm:

  • on the official website of the bank, click on the “open my account” button;
  • fill out a registration form that asks you to provide your first and last name, date of birth, address and zip code, phone number, email, and finally come up with a unique password;
  • after confirmation of your e-mail and phone,the access to the account is opened;
  • having replenished the account, it is possible to use it.

After registration, the manager of our company will contact you and tell you about our products, as well as consult on the questions you are interested in and the documents that will need to be submitted to open a specific account.

10 days after opening an online account, the physical card will be ready for you, it will be delivered to the specified address.

Why choose WestStein to open an account?

In addition to the comfortable and easy use of the service by our customers, there are many more positive factors:

  • convenient and profitable to replenish the account and withdraw cash;
  • using a special tariff, you can receive interest on the balance of funds;
  • all information about the conducted cash flows is always available;
  • the use of the account does not limit the location of the client, they can use it anywhere where there is Internet access;
  • managing financial resources remotely allows you to save time and spend it on more useful and pleasant things;
  • if you need to close your account, you can do it at any time convenient for you;
  • your business activity is not limited to this account.

WestStein Financial Company is a company that works for the comfort and convenience of users. The main principle of our work is customer focus. The staff of the organization is made up of real professionals who are aces in the field of finance, entrepreneurship, international relations, digital technologies and other areas. Absolutely all employees are interested in the maximum satisfaction of the needs of each client.

The undoubted advantages of working with WestStein are:

  • affordable cost of service;
  • we offer a modern product that is constantly being improved;
  • the company’s work is exclusively within the law;
  • a user-friendly mobile application that anyone can understand;
  • the account and the card are under a high level of security, thanks to an individual PIN code and the Mastercard 3D Secure system, which provides additional protection;
  • provision of permanent customer support, which can be provided via chat, telephone or e-mail correspondence, in a language convenient for you – English, German, Spanish, Polish, Latvian, Russian.