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WestStein Online Corporate Account: Perfect for Your Company

How long ago did a human being start doing business? If we talk about trading, then quite a long time ago, entrepreneurship, which we are talking about in the context of modernity, originated in the Middle Ages. Then the merchants were businessmen, various artisans and even missionaries. With the emergence and development of capitalism, man began to strive for wealth and enormous profits. This required the creation of certain rules, which led to professional competition and a civilized struggle in the market for the consumer. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the first managers appeared, and such professions as a financier, economist, accountant, lawyer and others were also developing. Today, entrepreneurial activity has reached its apogee and the issue of optimizing the activities of businessmen is quite relevant. In this, the WestStein corporate online account becomes a good assistant. Not only is the WestStein online corporate account ideal for your company, but also the customer service that our highly trained experts guarantee. At the same time, servicing a current account will definitely not hit the company’s budget and will seem democratic to its management.

The most profitable checking account for business from WestStein

As you might have guessed, it is entrepreneurs who may need the service to open an account for their business. Why is it needed? It’s very simple, if your company receives or makes wire transfers, a business bank account is required. If you work exclusively with cash, you will not need such an account.

A free current account for business is a fairly understandable, comfortable and safe tool for an organization that has the following advantages:

  1. Unlimited activities with money. Without an account, your financial activity will be limited, like any individual.
  2. Prompt transfers of funds, including international ones, for example, to counterparties.
  3. Increasing the credibility and transparency of business infront of partners and consumers. Your audience understands that you work honestly, within the law, which means you pay all taxes.
  4. Corporate account holders have additional influence with banking structures, which increases the possibility of obtaining a loan, for example.
  5. Opening a current account for business is also beneficial for those who wish to participate in government tenders.
  6. Ability to issue an unlimited number of cards. It is beneficial for organizations to pay salaries and travel allowances to employees.
  7. Saving time is another advantage. Account holders carry out all manipulations through their personal account in Internet banking, they do not need to visit physical branches of banks.
  8. Affordable cost of account maintenance and favorable conditions for cashing out – these are two additional criteria that will save the company’s budget.

An undoubted “plus” should also be highlighted that opening a current account for free is beneficial for accounting activities in a company. The functionality of the account allows you to easily prepare the necessary reports and submit them to the regulatory authorities in a timely manner. In addition, the entrepreneur can independently track all transactions. Thus, it is possible to minimize unnecessary expenses and optimize the operation of the enterprise.

How to open a settlement account online?

To use this feature, you must register on our website and pass verification. After you have entered your personal data, our competent manager will contact you to announce the list of documents to be provided. Immediately after agreeing on all the nuances, the client has access to the personal account, as well as the bank account itself. You just need to replenish it and you can do your business.

Many WestStein customers who have opened an account with our service are aware of the key benefits of working with us, including:

  • customer orientation — we are always in touch in a format convenient for the consumer (correspondence by e-mail, via messenger, by phone);
  • a highly competent team, which consists exclusively of professionals in the field of finance, banking and international relations, is always ready to help the client;
  • convenient mobile application — Internet banking is always at hand, you just need to have access to the network;
  • favorable terms of service – we offer a democratic price for the service, as well as affordable commissions;

• full confidentiality of data and banking level of security (Mastercard 3D Secure system) — your personal information is securely protected and is not made public under any circumstances.