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WestStein online checking account – for all your needs

If you are engaged in entrepreneurial activity, then you should think about opening a checking account online. In simple terms, such an account is necessary in order to carry out financial transactions related to the business, so the holders of such an account are often legal entities or individual entrepreneurs. In turn, the WestStein online checking account is for all your needs. Such a financial instrument allows you to freely take part in state tender systems, exchange payments with counterparties, pay rent and necessary goods for the office, deduct tax, insurance, pension and other contributions in a timely manner. It should be noted that opening a current account online greatly simplifies the accounting component at the enterprise and minimizes the risk of penalties or leakage of the company’s budget.

How to open an online business account?

It is extremely easy to implement this manipulation with the help of our service. The financial institution WestStein and its highly qualified employees have made sure that the client receives only quality service at the best cost. Our site is ergonomic and intuitive, so even a regular web user can open an account online. In addition, we provide ongoing customer support. Competent managers are ready to provide assistance at any time, in a format that is convenient for the consumer (chat, telephony, e-mail correspondence).

So, it is possible to open a current account for free in a few steps:

  1. Go to and click on the “Open my account” link. It will automatically redirect you to the page with the registration form.
  2. Fill in your personal details. We emphasize that for this you should not enter data from the documentation.
  3. Pass verification and confirm your identity.
  4. Wait for the answer of our manager, he/she will tell you what papers are needed to open an account.
  5. Provide documents and go to your personal account.

After a few simple steps, the client has access to their personal account and bank account. They can safely replenish it and implement various purchases. Note that our service provides several additional cards, which is convenient in the realities of managing large companies.

Is it possible to do without a business account?

Some entrepreneurs are wondering: is it possible to use a personal account for business-related monetary transactions? In general, yes, but there are a number of nuances.

  • First, you should approach this issue from the side of the law. From any entrepreneurial activity, it is necessary to deduct tax to the state. If a large amount of finance passes through your personal account, then the tax office may have questions. In addition, the tax from an individual is often higher than from an entrepreneur.
  • Secondly, it will be difficult to keep track of personal and business spending, all transactions will be mixed, which requires additional control and verification.
  • Thirdly, there are more functionality for entrepreneurs on the current account. It is possible to cash out more funds, the limit grows, including for various transfers.

If your company works exclusively on cash, then it is possible to do without a special account, but still its presence will greatly simplify the work, especially in the context of accounting activities and reports.

Also, the current account is convenient in that it is possible to draw up an appropriate agreement with the bank for the deduction of wages to employees. This simplifies life not only for the staff, but also for the management, since all payments are made automatically, without errors, in a clearly allotted time. It also adds credibility to your firm and creates a competitive environment among employees.

Why WestStein?

Clients of our service are well aware of the benefits of cooperation, including:

  • customer orientation – we have chosen the desire of the consumer as our priority, therefore we make every effort to meet their needs;
  • highly qualified staff — our team consists of true professionals only from the field of banking, international relations and finance;
  • privacy and security at the highest level – we offer banking-level security for clients and always comply with digital security standards;
  • convenient and understandable mobile application – Internet banking allows consumers to track all transactions and carry out monetary transactions anywhere and at any time;
  • accessible and functional virtual cards — we keep up with modern technologies;
  • timely quality feedback.