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Virtual card: features of use

In terms of functionality, a virtual card is no different from a standard card: you can make transfers, receive money from other users, and make purchases. The only difference is that such cards have no plastic carriers.

Features of virtual cards

As a rule, a digital card is a good addition to the main card. But most banking institutions offer to open a virtual card as the main card.

Note that such a card will last less than a standard card. As a rule, you will have to replace it after six months. But there are cards that you can use for several years. You can use it as a standard card, because it has its own details.

Our virtual bank card has no limits, so your online purchases will be even more profitable. The card uses modern encryption and security methods, so your savings will not fall into the hands of fraudsters. If you use the card as a supplementary card, you can top it up with the amount you need, make a purchase, and not be afraid of the safety of the remaining amount. At the same time you don’t need to share your card details when making a purchase, which makes purchases even safer.


An unqualified advantage is security. This is one of the main reasons to open a virtual card online. When you buy online with a standard card, you leave the details to no one. You can also fully manage the funds on the card. You decide for yourself the amount you need to make the purchase. So you can’t spend more than you planned.

It also protects against fraudsters who want to steal your money. They will not be able to go beyond the limit, which, as practice shows, are very small amounts. Also, the card is not tied to the main account, so your main cash reserve is completely safe.

And to make your purchases even more secure, we recommend creating a virtual card for different purposes. It is better if you have several cards that you can use as needed. For example, a separate card can be for transfers without worrying about who has your card details.

But that’s not all of the benefits of the virtual card. Let’s go on to find out why it is advantageous. Versatility is another advantage that cannot be argued with. International payment systems, which successfully operate all over the world, allow you to pay for services and goods on the Internet without any restrictions.

If you have a virtual card how to use you will understand without further explanation. So let’s talk about how to get such a card. The fastest possible processing is another important advantage of such cards, because you can get an account in minutes. You don’t need to leave your home to do this, you can do everything with the help of an app. You will be given a WestStein prepaid card completely free of charge, you do not have to pay any processing fees. You’ll also get free 24/7 service and support, so you can ask all your questions in real time.


To give you a full picture of what you get with the virtual card, let’s talk about the disadvantages that exist. There are practically none, which is noteworthy.

Some to the disadvantages include the relatively small limits that can be set on the card. But here it is worth remembering about security, which is always in the first place.

The minor disadvantages include the fact that such a card will last less than the standard one. But do not forget that you spend at most a few minutes on registration. So if necessary, when the card expires, you can replace it with a new one. The more that you get a virtual card for free. So you do not lose money.

The last disadvantage that we will talk about today is the lack of the ability to cash out using ATMs. But today, when all retail outlets support contactless payment without exception, you can’t call it a serious disadvantage. To use the card to pay in physical stores, you just need to download to your cell phone a special application, which is also free. In addition, this way you’ll be able to quickly access your statements, so you can control your spending at any time.

As you can see, the virtual mastercard has many more advantages than disadvantages. That’s why everyone should have one today. It is better if there are several cards. That way you can optimize your expenses and save your money.