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Salary cards for employees: why is it convenient

Currently, almost all companies have switched to non-cash payment for their employees. This is convenient for both entrepreneurs and employees.

The salary card is issued individually for each employee. The salary card from the financial company WestStein allows you to pay remuneration for work to employees in euros. This is very important for those people who live and work abroad.

For timely and high-quality service of such cards, the entrepreneur has to sign a contract with a financial company and negotiate all the conditions.

Advantages of a salary card

The individual salary card from WestStein is very convenient because it can be used to pay in shops, cafes, and restaurants worldwide. You can make money transfers on very favorable commission terms. You can also withdraw cash from it if necessary. You can do this at almost any ATM.

The salary card from the WestStein financial company is debited. This is very practical as you will not spend more than it is on it. Usually, other companies put an overdraft on the main account, which should be returned with subsequent replenishment, but with interest. This way, you can optimize and control your expenses.

The card is also suitable for those who like to make purchases online, as it has all the necessary requisites for this. Bonuses for purchases can be credited to it.

Another advantage is storing and accumulating funds on WestStein cards on favorable terms for customers.

Entrepreneurs order salary cards to simplify the payroll process. Using this transaction, you can set a certain regularity of payments by clarifying the number of payments. The entire cash flow process is recorded in your personal account so that you can get acquainted with the report's details at any moment.

Prepaid card for payroll

Salary cards, like many others, do not differ from ordinary cards. The difference between them and the others is that the employer pays for the card service. In some cases, the card remains in his hands even after the employee is dismissed, but in this case, you should find out how much you will have to pay for its use. Some functions on the card may not be available after the employee leaves, but the card can be used until its expiration date.

The WestStein prepaid card used as a salary card is also very convenient because you do not need to deal with cash that can be lost or stolen. Also, the employee knows that on a particular day, they will definitely receive a salary and can plan their expenses.

Many salary card users decide to issue a virtual card. This card is the same but managed from your personal account. A program is installed in the smartphone with the help of which payment, transfer and transfer of money to the account takes place. In case of loss of a plastic card, it is necessary to block it immediately. So, you will know for sure that scammers will not be able to use it. The funds will remain completely safe.

You can contact our managers if you have any questions about registering the WestStein virtual card. They will simply and clearly tell you how to solve the problem fastest.

All transactions carried out on the salary card are displayed in the client’s personal account. With this card, you can transfer money for regular payments and pay for Internet services, TV, and mobile communication. Such a wide functionality not only simplifies life but also saves time.

The ability to use the card through the smartphone app increases the level of security of financial transactions. With this payment method, there is no need to enter banking details and personal data constantly. The WestStein virtual card frees you from using a plastic card, protecting you from loss or theft.

How to order a prepaid Mastercard

Ordering a prepaid Mastercard card is an excellent solution for those who value time and the security of payments. Making a card will not take much time and will not require a physical presence in a financial institution. It can be ordered anywhere where there is an Internet connection. After filling out the form on the website, wait for verification to confirm your personal data. You can use the service in a few minutes. The plastic card will be delivered to the specified address during registration. To fully use the card, you need to replenish it in any convenient way.