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Prepaid Card and Debit Card: What’s the Difference?

Using a bank card while shopping has become pretty common for modern people. In turn, financial structures offer a wide range of services to their clients, which has become especially noticeable with the development of digital technologies. It was digitalization that made it possible to make payments without leaving home, make purchases online and save electronic money. With such opportunities, it is enough to know the nuances, for example, such as a free prepaid card and a debit card: what is the difference?

WestStein service experts were very pleased to share with consumers information on how to get a free debit card, as well as the benefits of such a payment instrument.

Issuing a prepaid card: what should WestStein customers take care of?

Before ordering a prepaid Mastercard or its debit counterpart, you should understand what are their main differences. To do so, let’s delve into the functional features:

  • prepaid Mastercard is a payment instrument that is not linked to the main bank account of its holder, it has a limit on replenishment and does not provide for an overdraft part; it is often usedjust to spend money;
  • debit “plastic” is a bank card linked to the main account, it can be unlimited and have a credit share; the holder can store funds on it, on which the bank can award interest.

It follows that an online prepaid card is created for shopping and receiving various payments, like a debit one, but at the same time it is autonomous and guarantees better confidentiality. This is beneficial for those customers who do not want to share their personal information when making purchases. To order a prepaid card online, you do not need to visit the physical branch of the bank – just fill out the registration form on our website and go through verification. But to get a free debit card, you will need to go to the bank and hand over the necessary personal documentation to its employees.

How to get a free prepaid debit card online?

Only at first glance this operation seems complicated. Prepaid plastic in virtual form is available to each of our clients after registration. At this stage, a person does not need to enter passport data or information from other documents. It is enough to enter the name, date of birth, physical and email address, as well as mobile phone number – this is all the information needed to open an account. Note that access to the electronic personal account is available immediately after confirmation of the data. This means that you can use the card immediately after verification: receive payments on it, make purchases and various money transfers.

Every client has the opportunity to get a debit card online for free. In addition, he/she can get several additional cards, which is often true for couples with children. Young family members receive their first payment instruments with a certain amount. This teaches them the basics of financial literacy and makes them full-fledged subjects of market relations.

Benefits of prepaid cards

Any payment tool has its “cons” and “pros”, among the advantages of stored-value cards from the WestStein service there are:

  1. Fast issuance. Just after sending a request the client receives the card and can use it without any problem.
  2. No fees for account maintenance. Often the client does not pay for using the account, but may pay a fee for withdrawing funds, for example.
  3. Confidentiality of holder data. When you make a purchase, you do not distribute personal information.
  4. No risk of debt. The card does not provide for lending, so the client uses only his own money, in the event that there are not enough funds, the purchase is impossible.
  5. Permanent customer support. Employees of our service are ready to help you at any moment in the format of a telephone conversation, chat or e-mail.
  6. High level of security. The card is protected by an individual PIN code and the Mastercard 3D Secure system.

A huge advantage is that with the help of mobile banking, you can also control transactions. Such analytic helps to rationalize spending and identify “weak” points. Many customers also prefer virtual cards, because they cannot be damaged or lost. It will also be harder for fraudsters to get to such a payment instrument, which indicates an additional layer of security.

By choosing WestStein, you are investing in your comfort and safety, and most importantly, you can freely make any money transactions!