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Prepaid card: what is it and what is it for?

A modern person cannot imagine his existence without convenient financial instruments, such as a prepaid card. What it is and what is it used for? It is not that difficult to guess, because the answer lies in its very name. A prepaid card was created to make purchases — it is easy to pay with, both in real and online stores. In addition, issuing a prepaid card often takes a bit of time, especially when it comes to WestStein services.

The experts of our financial institution are well aware of the needs of customers in matters of payments, so we present to your attention the WestStein prepaid bank card. Such a payment device is indispensable in the realities of the modern market, and is also 100% safe and confidential. A huge advantage of obtaining such a card is that there is no need to open an account: the virtual card is not tied to your main bank account, it is autonomous.

How does prepaid card differ from other analogues?

Nowadays, the consumer is offered a large number of payment instruments, but how to choose the right one for yourself? First you need to decide on your own needs. If you need a “safety amount of money” on your account, then it is better to give preference to credit cards or debit ones with an overdraft part. In this case, be prepared for the fact that you will have to give the bank certain money back in a timely manner and with interest.

If you want to control your budget, spend funds in a rationed way, without exceeding the limit, a prepaid card is the perfect solution.

Attention should also be paid to the fact that digital media, without a physical counterpart, is becoming increasingly popular. So a virtual debit card has the same functionality as a real one, but at the same time it cannot be damaged, stolen or lost. For convenience, it is tied to electronic wallets in a smartphone (Google, Apple, Samsung Pay) and paid in stores where a POS terminal is installed using the NFC function.

How to order a prepaid Mastercard right now?

As noted above, for such an operation you will need a few minutes of free time, as well as access to a mobile phone and the network.

The first step in order to issue a prepaid card is to find the “Open my account” button on our website. The system will automatically issue a registration form, and after filling it you will get access to your personal account. The client is not required to collect documentation, it is enough to enter the name, address of residence, e-mail and mobile phone number. Next, you should confirm your identity, so appropriate messages with further instructions will be sent to the specified number and email address. It is also convenient that the account and the Internet card are available immediately after verification, while the physical plastic card will arrive at the specified address in ten working days.

We guarantee consumers a high level of service and virtually instant feedback. Customer focus is a strong feature of our company.

How to safely make purchases with a WestStein card?

The first thing you should think about when shopping is account security, as well as minimizing the risk of data leakage. That is why it is recommended to follow the tips below:

  1. Do not enter your personal account from many devices. It is better to choose one gadget for making purchases, only it should have the ability to enter Internet banking.
  2. The device must also be protected from viruses – install the appropriate software.
  3. Do not transfer personal data and card details (PIN, CVC codes, holder’s full name, expiration dates) to third parties.
  4. Beware of messages or calls allegedly from employees of a financial institution, bank, who are trying to lure confidential information from you.
  5. Check the address lines for correctness, especially when it comes to Internet banking.
  6. Do not follow unknown hyperlinks, especially if they are accompanied by data transfer requests.
  7. Use one card for online purchases and it is better to replenish it each time for making one specific payment. Do not keep all the money on the card.
  8. In case of unusual activity or loss of the card, block it yourself or by contacting the bank staff.
  9. Before withdrawing cash, inspect the ATM for cameras or damage. Do not use defective devices.
  10. Do not ask or accept help when withdrawing funds – remember: the security of the account is in your hands, you should not shift the responsibility to strangers.