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Online account for business: when do you need it?

Imagine a situation where you have started doing business and receiving non-cash transfers from customers and partners. The success of the business idea has already brought some joy. But suddenly a question from the tax service pops up: why do so many transfers come to your personal account. And in such a situation, you can’t get off with one explanation, you need to file reports and pay taxes, but you could have done everything much easier and avoid initially the strict look from regulatory authorities – by opening an online account for business. When do you need such a financial instrument and what is needed to create it? Find out in our article.

It should be noted that the WestStein financial service offers a wide range of services that are suitable for business and work every day for its stable functioning, among them is opening a current account online. Choose the best for the development of your business together with the help of our competent team.

A current account for business online: who needs it?

A WestStein online business account is needed to conduct business activities, namely the implementation of financial transactions and cash accounting. Legal entities today must have this account, as they receive non-cash transfers. Undoubtedly, if an entrepreneur deals only with cash, then he can do without an account, but still it is much easier to do business with him.

Self-employed people can also open a checking account for free, especially if they work freelance and receive international transfers. With a card for receiving payments from WestStein, they will be able to freely implement any of their financial tasks: make purchases, purchase services, make transfers and more.

Settlement account for business for free: functionality

Before opening an account online, you should understand what opportunities it provides to its holder. Among them:

  1. Non-cash “B to B” transfers (business-to-business), including international ones.
  2. Receiving non-cash payments from contractors and consumers.
  3. Timely preparation and submission of reports to regulatory authorities (pension fund, insurance company, tax service, etc.) without commission.
  4. Payments to employees of wages, business trips payments, sick leave, vacation compensation.
  5. Storage of the company’s budget, as well as cashing out on favorable terms.
  6. Payment for leasing, credit, insurance and other services.
  7. Participation in state tenders, auctions, purchases.
  8. Purchase of necessary services and goods for the company’s activities (stationery for the office, payment for cleaning, etc.).

How to open an online business account?

Cooperating with our service, registration of an account will not take much time. The fact is that the experts made sure that the entire registration and verification process went quickly, and most importantly, without additional paperwork. Therefore, all manipulation takes place in the virtual space, and if the client has questions, our competent managers will contact them in any convenient format: correspondence by e-mail, chat in the messenger, phone call. We speak five languages: Russian, English, Latvian, German and Polish.

It should be noted that clients get access to the account absolutely free of charge, and business account maintenance is available at a democratic cost, which is the most profitable among our competitors. Businessmen must take into account the amount of the commission for making payments and transfers for the competent preparation of the company’s budget. You can also get acquainted with the information without leaving our site.

For those businessmen who have several offices in different cities or even countries, the function of opening a separate account for each branch is available. The WestStein currency account allows you to organize the activities of all enterprises using one account – everything is in the electronic cabinet.

Benefits of cooperation

The WestStein team made sure that businessmen get the maximum benefit from our cooperation. Convenient online banking allows you to control all finances simply with the help of a gadget. In order to understand this data, you do not even need to involve an accountant – the manager himself sees how much was spent and received. This allows you to conduct a competent analysis and identify weaknesses.

It is also important to note that the presence of a current account has a positive effect on the credibility of the company, for example, on the part of banking structures. It will be easy for account holders not only to receive loans, but also favorable conditions for other projects, such as a salary contract.

With our support, your business will earn one hundred percent, significantly increasing profits and reducing losses.