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New features with the WestStein app: online hotel booking

Now travelling to any place in the world and time is possible. Many adventurous people prefer to visit several countries during their holidays. And after they decide on the countries, the question arises of where to stay. And at this stage, you need to contact our website. Through our application, you can book hotels in any country in the world.

How does the online hotel booking system work?

Our website has an online booking system for hotels around the world. This application was created by analogy with the booking application known to all travelers. According to it, you can choose the perfect location for yourself, convenient in relation to the places and attractions that you plan to visit in a city. But booking prices will be much lower than those offered at

With the WestStein hotel booking app, you can browse through hotel options online. Then, after analyzing the information, choose the right hotel for your desires and budget. Our customers have already appreciated this option and are happy to use it and recognize that this is the best application for finding hotels. When choosing a hotel, it is possible to view photos of rooms, locations and infrastructure. You can also read all the information about the possible additional services provided.

Mobile application for hotel search

In order to quickly solve the problem of booking a place to stay, it is recommended to install a mobile application for hotel search. And during the upcoming holidays, when many hotels are “In stop lists”, you will definitely choose the perfect option for yourself. Thanks to this service, you can engage in the selection of housing options at any time and in any place where Internet connection is available. Working with the application is very convenient and simple.

Steps for booking hotels through the WestStein mobile app

The WestStein hotel booking app is a great alternative to booking com. Moreover, the main advantage is the possibility of booking hotels through the WestStein app for 30% cheaper than on
1. First you need to download the WestStein app. It is available for download
2. In the “Hotels” section, using the installed filters, select the desired option. Filters will allow you to select only those options that meet your requirements for hotel stardom, location and budget.
3. Make online hotel reservations quickly and easily.

The online hotel booking system is suitable not only for leisure, but also for business trips. Entrepreneurs know how often it is necessary to search for flights and book a hotel literally in a day. Our system will allow you to choose hotels, even if necessary, in several countries of the world and this will be exactly the option you were looking for. Paying for your hotel reservation online will also please you. Since it will be 30% lower than on the booking service.

Book your desired hotel quickly online

Booking a hotel with a discount online on our website is possible only for WestStein customers. Therefore, if you are still not our client, download the application and go through a simple registration on the site. During registration, you must fill out a standard form that contains personal data, last name, first name, contact phone number, residential address, e-mail. After verification, you will receive a notification that you have become a WestStein customer.

For the convenience of booking a hotel online, you will need to open a current account so that the booking is not only comfortable, but also profitable. An account is opened in just a few minutes after applying and registering. You are assigned an individual current account number for making payments in euros. It is also possible to use the account for international money transfers, safe keeping of money and for business expenses.

After confirming the opening, the card should be replenished in any way convenient for you and you can start using it. The possible amount on the card is not limited, you can replenish it with absolutely any amount. This is its advantage, so you use your money, not the bank one.

In addition to online hotel booking, you should also take care of the convenience of payments on vacation or on business trips. To ensure that your long-awaited vacation is not ruined by such troubles as the loss or theft of cash, it is recommended to use a WestStein virtual card. According to the feedback of our customers, it is the most convenient and affordable way to pay for travel and business trips. With this card, you can not only pay for hotel reservations, but also buy air tickets, pay for goods and services in almost all countries of the world. If necessary, make cash payments and withdraw cash from ATMs with a minimum commission.
Travel and book online hotels all over the world with WestStein service!