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Making a virtual card: what you need to know

How often do you shop online? It is unlikely that you have never experienced such operations, especially given the recent crisis circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Cashless transfers have largely established themselves in the consumer space, and most likely will never disappear from our lives. That is why you should be aware of the features of the procedure for issuing a virtual card. What you need to know about such a convenient and safe tool as a virtual mastercard was told by WestStein financial service experts. In this article, we will look at the benefits of a digital card, as well as how to get one.

It should be noted that a free virtual debit card is available to every WestStein client, and to issue it, you just need to register and verify on the site. The experts of our service have tried to make the financial product of high quality and understandable, as well as functional, so that a person can freely make any transfers at any time, regardless of the place. We also provide high-quality consulting services, so we are always happy to answer the client’s questions in the form of a chat or a telephone conversation.

Instant Virtual Free Debit Card From WestStein

First of all, let’s figure out what an online free virtual card is. This is an ordinary banking card, which has no physical form, that is, it is located only in the virtual one. Such a card cannot be lost or broken – which is its irrefutable proof. What is its functionality? Literally no different from the usual physical counterparts. The WestStein virtual card allows you to make purchases in real institutions: shops, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, clothing boutiques, pay for services, make money transfers, and also carry out shopping on the Internet. Most importantly, operations can take a minimum amount of time.

Why is it beneficial to the consumer? Firstly, it saves him time to a large extent, because the purchase is paid for with one touch to the terminal. Secondly, this payment method is much more hygienic and does not require the participation of third parties. Thirdly, electronic money is very difficult to steal, especially if the holder of the card adheres to all security measures. Fourthly, all monetary transactions are displayed in the personal account of Internet banking. This allows you to control cash flows, as well as respond in a timely manner in case of unusual transactions.

And the most important adbantage is data confidentiality. The virtual prepaid card, which can be issued right now on our website, is not linked to your main bank account, nor does it disclose your personal information to the participants in the transaction.

Virtual card: issuing

To apply for a virtual card, you must register at To do this, the consumer does not need to collect an extensive package of documentation, he only needs a name, phone number, residential address, and e-mail. After entering all the data in the appropriate form, you need to go through verification and confirm your identity. Immediately after that, you can enter your personal account and a virtual card. The physical card comes after ten days to the specified address.

Let`s also indicate the benefits of cooperation with our service:

  1. Highly qualified personnel. Our team consists of exceptionally experienced professionals from the fields of finance, banking and international relations. This allows us to provide quality customer service.
  2. Democratic prices for service. We guarantee the availability of the cost of maintaining the account.
  3. Convenient Internet banking. We have worked to create a clear interface, as well as to expand the functionality of the account for the user.
  4. Safety at the highest level. We guarantee high-quality protection of personal data, in addition, each card has its own PIN code and is protected by the Mastercard 3D Secure system.
  5. Product versatility. The WestStein card can be used wherever the MasterCard payment system is accepted (Europe, USA). It is possible to replenish the account in any convenient way.
  6. Prepaid card is the most convenient tool. It is easy to receive various transfers with it, as well as make purchases: in the virtual and real world.

The most important thing in using digital cards is your own safety. Make sure to follow the rules set by the financial institution and then the scammers will not get to your savings. Buy with a WestStein virtual card – it’s convenient and affordable!