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Loss of a bank card: what to do

WestStein provides its customers with a wide range of features, some of which are completely unique. Such cards are actively used by both individuals and owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Also, the card can become your travel wallet.

For a modern person, loss of a bank card is a serious problem that can disrupt all plans. In some cases, if you use the services of unreliable banks, this also entails a loss of money. But further we will tell you what to do if your bank card is lost or stolen.

What to do first

To ensure that your money is safe, you must clearly understand what to do if you have lost your bank card. First, make sure your card is really not somewhere around. Sometimes you just put it in another bag or leave it at home. If you are sure you have lost it, please contact bank support service immediately.

This can be done pretty fast by dialing the specified phone number. You can find it on the client portal. After explaining the situation, immediately ask to block your card. So that no one can use it, and your funds are completely safe.

There is also another way. For that you need to have internet access. Go to the customer portal, copy the email address. After that, send a letter describing the situation and indicate the time frame (even approximately) at which you lost your bank card. It is also necessary to name the card number: we recommend checking it several times so that the support service receives the correct information. To help you the staff will also need your first and last name.

After sending the letter, wait for the company employees to contact you. They will explain in detail how to act in this particular situation, and, if necessary, block the card (with your permission) and help to issue a new one.

When choosing solution to a problem, be sure to take into account the working hours and days the support service is available. In some cases, it is more advisable to contact support directly so that you don’t waste your time.

But you can rest assured that if the card is lost or stolen, you will be provided with all the help and support needed. Thus the problem will be solved in a short time.

How not to lose your money

Standard cards can only guarantee partial protection of your funds, while the WestStein prepaid card provides not only an arsenal of tools for rational use of money, but also a lot of guarantees for the safety of your savings. For example, the it provides the obligatory identity confirmation for using the card.

Thus, all transactions made by clients are fully protected at the bank level. You can also use a multifunctional client portal that is well adapted to the needs of the users at any time. There is also an easy-to-use mobile application.

If you are afraid of losing your “physical medium”, there is always a virtual card. It is a perfect choice for a travel. After all, you can pay for purchases using your mobile phone, spending a few seconds on it. All users, without exception, note that this method significantly saves their time and guarantees full control over purchases.

And our virtual debit card guarantees 100% security when shopping online. After all, a two-step verification is provided. Plus, you get the ability to control your spending levels by setting monthly limits. Using other cards, the functionality of which is limited, it is quite problematic to keep track of how much money you spend. After the first month of using such modern cards you will notice positive dynamics.

And that’s not all: you can use your WestStein online bank account when traveling. You can pay for your purchase in more than 40 countries and in almost every store. Now you independently determine the budget and get all the necessary control tools.

You can also create additional accounts for children and the loved ones. I this case you will be able to control expenses and replenish your cards in a timely manner. Moreover, all reporting will be available at any time. You can get three additional cards, the service is completely free.

Using WestStein cards, you get one hundred percent control over your savings, modern monitoring tools and a high level of protection. Holders of such cards are not limited in terms of performing financial transactions, moreover, they get more benefits than the customers of other banks.

By choosing WestStein you don’t have to worry about losing your money or access to it. You can replace the card or block it in the event of an unforeseen situation in a matter of hours. That is why WestStein is chosen not only for private use, but also for business.