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How to send an international transfer?

In modern life, few people have not used the service, which involves international money transfers. This operation makes it possible to help relatives and friends who live abroad, pay for the education of children or pay salaries to employees in other countries.

For clients of the financial company Weststein, international money transfers are available to any country in the world, not only in euros, but also in 35+ world currencies.

Make payments quickly and easily thanks to the use of modern technologies and a convenient mobile application. You do not need to stand in line at the box office to transfer a certain amount of money. Just a few clicks in the application in your smartphone – and the translation is sent!

International money transfers

The British company Currency cloud, with which the Weststein financial institution closely cooperates, provides the fastest international money transfers. Therefore, cross-border transfers of funds are cheaper and faster than in other companies.

International transfers with Weststein are safe and easy. We also guarantee a high level of security for all financial transactions.

Clients of the financial company Weststein can use the following types of services:

  • provide business settlements;
  • make cross-border cloud payments;
  • manage virtual accounts;
  • receive cash flow reports;
  • perform currency transactions.

International transfers with a virtual card

The Weststein virtual Mastercard will help you fully assess the quality and speed of financial transactions. With this card, you can make international currency transfers quickly, not limited to a certain amount. For a successful transaction, you need access to the Internet and a sufficient amount on the card.

Making a virtual card will not take more than 10 minutes of your time. First you need to register on the official website of the Weststein financial company. This requires filling in the registration form, indicating in it the following data of the client – name, surname, address, index, phone number, e-mail. Next, the manager of the company conducts verification, that is, verification of the authenticity of the specified data. After confirmation, you can replenish the card and enjoy its comfortable use. All movements of funds will be reflected in the mobile application.

Benefits of Weststein Financial Company

Clients who choose Weststein financial company receive a number of significant benefits:

  • absolute control over cash flow;
  • view receipts for all payments in progress in a simple and user-friendly mobile application;
  • international transfer of money from card to card with a minimum commission;
  • cash withdrawal from almost any ATM with a fixed commission rate, which does not depend on the withdrawal amount;
  • round-the-clock customer support with the ability to choose the language of communication;
  • reliable protection of confidential information;
  • the ability to open a Weststein online settlement account;
  • pay for goods and services online and offline in many countries of the world;
  • replenishment of the virtual account in several ways.

The Weststein prepaid card is very convenient for making international currency transfers, as well as for paying for various goods and services. The advantage of the card is that it has no relationship with the main bank account. It does not have an overdraft facility, so you will not spend more than what is on your card.

To issue a prepaid card, you will need to fill out a registration form, then go through verification, and confirm the card issuance; you can replenish it and carry out financial transactions. In 10 days, a plastic card will be delivered to the specified address.

It is very convenient to transfer money from card to card. Such transaction is considered the most convenient and in demand. For a quick transaction, it is enough to know the recipient’s card number, have funds on your own card and access to the Internet. During such an operation money is credited instantly.

With the help of the Weststein service, you can make not only international money transfers, but also local transfers.

Transfer money quickly and easily with Weststein financial company!