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How to secure a current account from cyber scammers?

With the development of technology, we are now faced with new types of crimes, such as cyber fraud. Yes, in the virtual space, as in real life, there are those who want harm the user stealing their personal data for the benefit. Phenomena such as vishing, pharming, fishing are not just types of Internet fraud, but effective methods used by hackers to gain access to confidential data. In this case, the question becomes relevant how to protect the current account from cyber fraudsters, as well as how to recognize criminals and not let them harm you.

How to protect your account?

What drives fraudsters, as well as other offenders? Of course, money. Whether it’s cash or a bank account, today there is a large number of frauds that force a person to “voluntarily” give their data. Let’s get to know them in more detail:

  • «Trojan horses». This method got its name for a reason, because offenders in the most harmless way (by sending appropriate letters to an email address) “attach” malicious viruses to their victim’s computer. Thanks to them, it is possible to gain access to services and subsequently send funds to the criminal’s account.

To protect yourself from this type of fraud, it is recommended not to follow unknown links. Also, in order to avoid information leakage, we advise you not to store card data on a computer or in any other gadget (smartphone, tablet, laptop).

  • Messages from the “bank” or anxious relatives. In both cases, the attackers try to take the person by surprise, so they call at the wrong time, such as at night. The “call or SMS from the bank” scenario is quite simple: the scammer informs the client that his card is supposedly blocked and that in order to unblock it, it`s necessary to provide card details. In the case of relatives, the situation is more ridiculous – from an unknown number, a call comes in that a family member is in trouble and urgently needs finances.

In both situations, it is advised to react with a cool head. It is necessary to ask just a couple of clarifying questions and the attacker will be confused. In the case of a fake bank, ignore the message or call and try to contact your real financial institution.

WestStein Virtual Card: The safety of our customers is paramount

Financial cybersecurity, as a set of methods of protection against hackers, is aimed at minimizing the most unpredictable factor – the human one. Each user must independently strive to raise awareness. To avoid errors and information leakage, consumers are required to comply with the system protection requirements.

Opening a free WestStein current account is a great opportunity for those who want to make secure online purchases. The great advantage of our card is that it is not tied to the client’s regular bank account, while secure payments are guaranteed thanks to the PIN code, as well as the Mastercard 3D Secure system. What it actually looks like: when making a purchase, the first step is for the consumer to enter the card number, expiration date and CVC2 code. After that, the page of the card issuing bank is shown to the buyer, where it is required to enter an additional code, for example, received by the SMS, etc. Thus, only a real holder of the card can make a purchase.

A current account (free to open in just a couple of clicks) allows you to quickly and securely access your finances. Unlike other bank accounts, it is not designed to receive passive income, that is, interest or saving money. The client (individual or legal entity) deposits a certain amount, which they are going to dispose of.

How to open a checking account online?

In order to start cooperation with us and open an account online, you need to click on the “Open my account” icon directly on the official WestStein website. In this tab, the client is invited to fill out a virtual registration form. After that, he needs to confirm his email and phone – this is quite simple if you listen to all the recommendations indicated. After authentication, the client immediately gets access to his account – he can replenish it and use it. The physical card arrives to a client in 10 working days.

Thanks to our service, you can keep track of your finances at any time, while avoiding paperwork and a number of problems that clients of physical banks often face. Thanks to a clear mobile application, you can make payments and transfer funds to any card, guaranteed with 100% security.