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How to issue a children’s virtual card

Almost every person in the modern world uses bank cards to make purchases on the Internet, as well as to make money transfers. Many parents, realizing the advantages of using a bank card, decide to issue a children’s debit card.

The Weststein children’s virtual card is a great alternative to pocket money for a child. After all, by giving money for small expenses, parents cannot control where the child actually spent it. So all expenses will be under control and in case you forget to give money to the children for school in the morning, you will be able to replenish their account at any time without leaving them without money.

The main features of the children’s card

The card for the child is linked to the parent’s card. Many people open a family account, which is very convenient to use for all family members. Due to the fact that it is a debit card is and there is no overdraft on it, the child does not spend more than there is on it.

Debit cards for children are opened for people who are over 14 years old. They not only perfectly replace pocket money, but also teach the child responsibility and motivate rational use of accumulated funds.

It’s no secret that children often lose cash. By issuing a virtual children’s card, you reduce the risk that the child will be left without money due to theft or loss. And, if suddenly a teenager does not have enough savings for some necessary purchase, you can always help out by transferring the necessary funds to the card.

Advantages of a children’s virtual card

All WestStein cards support contactless payment. And since everyone is using smartphones now, a virtual card for children is a great option. The child will be able to pay in the store via a smartphone, and you will not worry that your child forgot the money at home or lost it somewhere on the way to school. At any time, the parent to whose account the child’s card is linked can check the movement of funds and control the account's balance.

Given the rapid pace of life, a child from an early age will master advanced technologies and learn how to manage money properly. For example, a prepaid WestStein virtual card can be a piggy bank for a child, on which their savings will be stored. By installing the accumulation function, the child will save money and multiply it. And when the necessary amount accumulates, the whole family can go to the store and help the child choose a valuable or long-awaited gadget.

This card helps a lot when a child is in another country without you, for example, on an excursion with a class or studying abroad. The transfer amount is unlimited and will be transferred from your card instantly. Having your own office disciplines children, they can analyze their spending and monitor savings.

A considerable advantage of the virtual Mastercard card is that parents can track their teenager's expenses and set spending limits. So you will be sure that without your knowledge, the child will not spend the entire amount intended for his monthly expenses. If suddenly a child wants to conduct a suspicious transaction, the system will block it. You can also block the account yourself or close it, for example, in case of phone loss.

The simple functionality allows the child to understand how to use a child’s debit card and, if necessary, block it. Blocking may be required if its plastic holder is lost.

How to order a prepaid Mastercard

If you are not a client of the WestStein financial company, you need to order a prepaid Mastercard. The whole operation will take you a few minutes. You need to make an application on the website, specifying your personal data, first name, last name, phone number, residential address and email. After confirming the data and verification, you can use the account, having previously replenished it in any convenient way. The main advantage of a prepaid card is that it is not connected to the main account and only your personal money can be on it.

After you open a virtual card for yourself, you can order a virtual card for your children. Using a prepaid card, the child can participate in various educational competitions, where it is necessary to pay a certain amount for participation.

All cards are protected by a special security system and the need to enter an individual PIN code. Therefore, without your participation, the movement of money cannot happen.

By opening a virtual card for yourself and your child in the WestStein financial company, you will feel calmer and more confident!