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How to get a WestStein card for shopping purposes?

Today, there are practically no Internet users left who would not make any purchases online. Thanks to the World Wide Web, we can read, watch programs and films that interest us, study, learn languages, and much more. But the most significant advantage is the ability to make purchases and payments online.

For limitless purchases, ordering tickets, paying for services, a virtual card for online purchases is perfect. This financial instrument offered by WestStein can be called a universal payment medium.

The best card for online shopping, how to choose it?

What to look for when choosing a card for purchases? First of all, you should understand what types of cards there are. Three main types can be distinguished:

  • credit;
  • debit;
  • prepaid.

Using a credit card, the client manages the funds that belong to the bank.

A debit card assumes the presence of personal funds on it, which is tied to a specific bank account. This type of card is used as a salary card, for transferring money to employees for the work performed. Very often, an overdraft is assigned to it at the request of the client.

A prepaid card is used to store your own funds and does not require a link to a bank account. The WestStein Prepaid Card is a safe deposit box for your funds.

How to create a virtual card for shopping purposes?

Making a «shopping» card on our service is easy for everyone. It is necessary to fill in the registration form posted on the site, wait for the confirmation of the data by the manager and the account is ready for use. Information about the card can be viewed in the “Cards” section in your account or in the mobile application.

In order to fully appreciate the benefits of our service, after issuing a card for online purchases, you need to replenish it. That`s it, the shopping tool is at your service.

The best card for online shopping

One of the most convenient tools for making purchases and paying for services on the Internet is a virtual mastercard from WestStein. This is a universal option that almost all users can appreciate. And it stands out with a number of advantages:

  1. High level of protection. The WestStein virtual card is protected by a PIN code, has unique details, and is also additionally protected by a protocol with two-factor user authentication during operations with funds of the Mastercard 3D Secure system. This card cannot be lost, stolen or damaged.
  2. All transactions are carried out and controlled without problems in the mobile application, which also stores all payment documents.
  3. Using a virtual card, no one will be able to disclose your confidential information, since it is not tied to the main bank account and is independent.
  4. The card for online purchases will not allow you to spend more than needed, as it will only contain your funds, without credit funds and overdraft. This is a very big advantage, since few people can deny themselves the purchase of something very desirable, spending credit funds, and then blaming themselves for having to return the money spent, but with interest.
  5. You can store funds in euros on the WestStein card.
  6. You can order a prepaid Mastercard for receiving wages and other payments.

It will take only a couple of minutes to issue the card, you do not need to go to the bank, stand in line, and before that collect a whole package of documents. You only need to register, verify and replenish the account!

How to shop online safely

Some people mistakenly believe that using cash and not shopping online will keep them safe from scammers. In ordinary life, criminals hunt for wallets, and on the Internet they try to deceive money from bank accounts or make a non-existent purchase.

Therefore, in order not to be easy prey for attackers, you must follow a few rules:

  • don’t tell anyone about the individual card details, that is, you are the only one who should know PIN codes and CVV2;
  • do not tell the allegedly called bank manager the number and password from the card, bank employees NEVER do this;
  • Do not make purchases with your online shopping card on unknown or suspicious sites, as this may cost you a lot as a result.

The WestStein virtual mastercard can be used for absolutely any purchase. It can store any amount for which you will not report to the company. With this card it is easy to make purchases, pay for services, travel, pay rent and make other payments. Many WestStein customers have already appreciated the benefits of this product, and have written grateful reviews on the official website.