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How to add a WestStein card to Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a simple, secure and, most importantly, private way to pay for various purchases and services that can be made in markets and on the Internet.

Especially for our customers, we have developed the ability to add a WestStein card to Apple Pay! The WestStein virtual card is easily entered into the system, which is a great advantage for its owners.

First of all, it is a speed and convenience of making payments in euros around the world and possibility to receive funds on a card.

It is very simple to add a card to Apple Pay, and this procedure will not take much time. With the Apple Pay app, you can make purchases in stores, pharmacies, cafes and restaurants, on public transport, and in places where the Apple Pay icon is present.

All transactions made using Apple Pay are protected by special security features that are encrypted in the gadget’s software. Also, to use the system, you must enter a password and additionally configure the Face ID or Touch ID functions, which also increases the level of security.

So, what cards can be added to Apple Pay? You can add a debit, credit, prepaid or transport card to the system. If you are our customer, adding a WestStein Prepaid Mastercard is easy!

Adding a card to Apple Pay

To figure out how to add a card to Apple Pay, you should follow the instructions below.

To add a card, you need to sequentially perform the following steps:

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. Find and open the Wallet app.
  3. Click on the “+” icon located at the top.
  4. Read the card data using the smartphone’s camera.
  5. Confirm the action using the password.
  6. Confirm the completion of the procedure.

If you want to become a new client of the company, you will need to register and open an online current account. In 5 minutes the virtual card is ready, and you are to perform the desired operations. You will also have access to up to 3 Weststein prepaid cards for your family members. Now you can easily make purchases around the world, as well as receive a salary in euros.

In order to get a Weststein card, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Fill out the Weststein registration form.
  2. Confirm the specified email address and phone number.
  3. After registration, get access to an individual current account online.
  4. Top up the account balance in any convenient way.
  5. Possibly receive a plastic card in 10 working days.

Benefits of using the Weststein Virtual Card

  • speed of payment;
  • no need to look for an ATM to withdraw cash;
  • unlike the plastic counterpart, you do not need to constantly enter the PIN-code during the calculations;
  • convenience of paying in euros abroad in many outlets;
  • self-setting the limit will not give you the opportunity to exceed the allowable budget.

Possible problems with adding a card to Apple Pay

If your card will not connect to Apple Pay, check:

  • the ability to use Apple Pay in a given country and at a given time;
  • connection and correct operation of services;
  • whether an update of the device software version is required;
  • if you receive a notification “Failed to add a card” or “Card is invalid”, you need to contact the company manager for support.

If you have checked everything and do not understand why the card can not connected to Apple Pay, you can reboot your iPhone, reset network settings and reconfigure them, reconfigure to another region and reinstall iOS. If this does not help, you need to contact the specialists at the service center.

Setting the main card in the application

If several payment cards are installed in the application, the question often arises about the appointment of the “main one”. How to set up the default WestStein card so that it is automatically detected during cash transactions?

We will tell you how to set the default card in Apple Pay – it’s very simple. In the Wallet app, press and hold your WestStein payment card, and then drag it to the top of the list of cards.

Now, few people do without plastic bank cards. And a special place among all cards is taken by the WestStein debit card. It is tied to the account of its owner and is an excellent substitute for cash. With it, you do not need to worry about the safety of funds, and it is very convenient to make payments. Ordering a debit Mastercard from WestStein is a great solution.

The WestStein prepaid card is easy to use, so it is becoming increasingly popular. Consumers can open a free online account after a short registration. The client will be able to make payments in a day. The prepaid plastic card will be delivered to the address specified in the registration within ten days.

To cooperate with WestStein means to receive the highest level of service, as well as full protection and confidentiality of personal data. Thank you for being with us!