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Financial company WestStein – improving for you!

WestStein makes your life easier in the digital age. It is a team of professionals who understand the topic of modern business, banking, international relations. The customer database has grown from 5,000 to 15,000 active service users. And this is what gives us a complete understanding of the industry of financial issues and technology.

Secure online account: manage your income safely

Opening a current account online today is not a big deal. We have chosen simplicity as a key factor in our work. Every day we try to improve and find inspiration in the needs of our customers. A significant period in the activity of our company was 2020, when the company was acquired by Alexander Bain. He gave a new impetus to business development. Thanks to a more serious management strategy, the company reached a positive growth rate and significantly increased the number of clients. In 2021 the shareholder took over the post of Chairman of the Board.

Less fuss, focusing on transparency, openness, flexibility: these are the benefits of WestStein money transfers. In order to guarantee you safety and quality service, we work according to all norms and requirements. We introduce innovations, profitable solutions, high-quality products. The mobile app has been completely redesigned and developed. New features have been introduced, such as google pay and balance replenishment from card to card, as well as Instant verification. Growth of positive customer reviews. WestStein online account is your freedom and security.

WestStein Prepaid Card: Freedom Without Limits

WestStein collaborates with PREPAID FINANCIAL SERVICES (IRELAND) LIMITED, a global prepaid service provider. Its products are used by both individual consumers and enterprises of national importance. In addition to the prepaid card, there is also an e-wallet, i.e. an electronic money account that includes an IBAN. In today’s world, it is very important to have constant and quick access to your accounts, no matter where you are. Therefore among its values our company highlights unlimited freedom for you. Fintech doesn’t have to be complicated.

The virtual card is issued instantly. Application can be made online at the multilingual website. The application process is simple and at the end you will be informed that you will receive the card in your mail within 10* days. Once the card is in your hands, it can be activated through the web portal. Activation is carried out by going to the website in the “Activate card” section. You don’t need to verify your address. The process is simplified, you need only your passport and selfie.

Conveniences for both individuals and legal entities

The WestStein card is a completely common prepaid Mastercard that can also be used for international payments. The card itself is an embossed plastic card with your details on it. There is a chip and the ability to pay contactless. You can check your balance at any time online or use the WestStein app. We offer you good service conditions. In addition to the prepaid card, you also get a free online account with which you can make transfers. This works both through the smartphone app and through the web online account.

The process of submitting a card application is simple. You don’t need income statements or a credit check to get one. This is an alternative to the traditional account, as well as a convenient option for those businesses and firms that want to pay wages to temporary employees. It is also suitable for managing loyalty programs, paying rewards or bonuses, or if you need to pay for corporate trips. The card is suitable for those families who send their children abroad on exchange programs. The risk of losing your money is minimized, you can easily pay while at home. And yet, it is a safe and fast way to transfer money to your children. You only need internet. It can be used to make secure online purchases, which means millions of marketplaces around the world, travel or trips without the risk of overspending.

Issued in euro, but another currency is planned soon. It is possible for both individuals and corporations wishing to offer their partners a new product. You can top it up with a bank transfer or another card. The option of cash through the terminal or using a voucher is being considered. Corporate ones have higher limits, and the commission can be set as the client needs. Withdraw cash from millions of ATMs that accept MasterCard. The card is PIN-code protected and Mastercard 3D Secure.

Our company was created to make your life easier. You can get online support for any questions. We are your way to convenient management of your finances.