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Children’s Virtual Card: Benefits of Using WestStein Payment Cards for Children and Teens

The modern world has long begun to move away from the use of cash. Bank cards are not only convenient and practical, but above all, they are safe. You don’t need to carry a lot of money with you. Instead, only one plastic card is enough. And in most cases, the virtual Mastercard completely allows you to get by with just one phone to which the virtual account is linked. Thanks to the multi-factor identification system, you do no need to worry about the safety of your funds. And they are always at your fingertips.

The non-cash form of payment was able to take a leading place in payments for various goods and services. And many banks and financial institutions offer debit cards for children and teenagers that have the same features as regular adult bank cards. WestStein offers to use the service and order a prepaid MasterCard for your child at an advantageous offer.

Children’s debit card – the best option for a student

The WestStein children’s virtual card, linked to the student’s phone, is capable of performing many different financial functions:

• making online purchases;
• cash withdrawal from an ATM;
• payments in shops and cafes;
• replenishment of the card with pocket money;
• transfer of funds to another card, etc.

The financial company WestStein also offers the opportunity, when opening your own online account, to issue several plastic cards (up to 3), one of which you can open for your child. It is also worth remembering that bank cards can be issued for children who have reached the age of 14. It is during this period that you can redirect pocket money from a paper version to a virtual one, which increases the convenience of not only the student himself, but also yours. After all, you can always support your child financially, even while being on the other side of the world.

WestStein Virtual Children’s Card – Benefits of Opening a Virtual Bank Account

If you decide to get a virtual card on your phone for your schoolchild, an offer from the WestStein financial company, which cares about the security of your data, money and the quality of service in general, will be an excellent option. In addition, a virtual card for children has many advantages, the main ones being the following:

1. An opportunity for a child to learn financial literacy at such a young age. So, the student will not only begin to count money and their own savings allocated from pocket money. The main thing is the opportunity to learn how to control your own expenses, allocate your funds for a certain time and spend them wisely. With financial literacy and a financial strategy, your child will be able to set aside savings to achieve a larger goal in the form of a large and important purchase for him. In addition, by choosing the most profitable online shopping offers, you can learn how to save money even when shopping for everyday things.
2. You no longer need to worry about the fact that the child will run out of money at the most unforeseen and important moment. Thanks to the possibility of instant money transfers between the cards of our financial company, a teenager will be able to receive a financial transfer to his virtual card in a matter of minutes, even if you are in another country. In addition, it is an perfect way to support loved ones from abroad. At the same time, WestStein offers a transparent commission system without any hidden fees.
3. If the card is lost, you can easily block it and issue a new one. This is a very important point, because then no one will use your funds, and they will all fully return to a new virtual card for a teenager.
4. The child will no longer have to carry cash pocket money with him, and all pocket money will be transferred to a virtual format. To use them, you just need to have a phone to which a bank card is linked to.
5. Ability to control the child’s expenses.

Virtual children’s bank card is the key to a successful future student

The WestStein prepaid virtual card provides many opportunities not only for adult customers, but also for their children. By linking a plastic or virtual card to a parent account, this will not only make it easier to receive pocket money, but also to provide an opportunity to control your child’s expenses. Having a card will help instill in them the right money management habits, which will become indispensable even at an older age.