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Bank card for offline purchases – which one to choose

For the most part, modern people do not use cash. After all, this brings a number of limitations and entails a large number of risks. Therefore, the most optimal option is to use a modern card. When choosing the best bank cards for offline purchases, pay attention to the functionality and security level.

Advantages of cards

A functional and secure card for offline purchases will allow you to significantly simplify all financial processes. After all, you can replenish it at any time by determining your weekly or monthly budget. Thus, using debit cards, you will not spend more than you planned.

In addition, you can use this card to transfer wages. It is very convenient if you work remotely. The employer can transfer your fee to the card at any time. You don’t have to be physically present.

In addition, the WestStein prepaid card provides a high level of security. After all, the card provides each of its clients with multi-level protection, so you will definitely not become a victim of fraudsters. At any time, if your card is lost, you can block it to restore it within a day.

Contactless payments are also available. And today almost all terminals provide such a function. You can use the card in a huge number of retail outlets anywhere in the world. This also allows you to use the card when traveling – you will not find a more reliable wallet. It is with the help of such a card that you will be able to rationally plan your budget.

To issue a shopping card, you will need only a few minutes. You can do this at any time convenient for you and absolutely anywhere. Similarly, with further use: you will always have a convenient application at hand and access to your personal account, where you can track information about the operations performed.

In order for you to always control finances and rationalize their use, you need a reliable online account. Using a virtual card, you will no longer have to transfer a physical card into the hands of store employees, enter personal data and enter passwords. So your funds are safe.

We offer you a free online account that will cover all your current needs in terms of functionality.


Also, the virtual card guarantees you a high level of reliability and confidentiality of data. Information about the operations performed will be available only to you, because you need to authenticate to log in.

The card is not linked to the main bank account where all your savings are stored. So your main budget is completely safe. You don’t have to worry about the safety of money, even if you pay in a new store for yourself.

You will not find a more reliable way to store and use money, because the card also provides for a 3D Secure system. This is an additional security and a guarantee of the safety of your savings.

The card also provides two-stage verification when you pay for goods and services online. So you can not be afraid of scammers or accidental payments. You are in full control of all expenses.

But this is not a complete list of features and benefits, as well as the reasons why you should order a prepaid Mastercard card. After all, you can additionally open an IBAN account, which will allow you to make currency transfers to any country.

The cost of card maintenance is minimal, so you don’t overpay, as it happens with almost any other card. Also, if you need to cash out money, you can do it at almost any ATM.

A shopping card that you can issue online in a few minutes is the optimal solution that allows you to rationalize costs and save time. After all, when registering, you avoid paperwork. Confirmation of identity takes place without providing a pile of papers, everything can be done remotely and in a matter of minutes. So you actually immediately get the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits.

In the future, when using, you will be able to close all your needs using a mobile application and a personal account.

We also recommend using the opportunity to open additional cards. For example, for family members, in particular – for children. This way you can transfer pocket money to a card, avoiding cash. This is a very convenient function, because you can replenish the child’s card at any time. You will also be able to track all expenses, because the information will be displayed in the main personal account.

Do not delay making a card for quick and safe purchases in a long box – do it in just 5 minutes.