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Bank card for a child: how to choose it?

Today, almost every junior has their own card, the best option is a children’s bank card. After all, in this case you can always control the child’s expenses and replenish the account in a timely manner.

Card features

The advantage is that you can open several accounts at once, thus covering the needs of the whole family. The cards are debit cards, so there are no risks, and you can safely issue one for your child.

The WestStein Children`s Bank Card is suitable for children over 14 years old. In fact, the card is a modern version of pocket money. Only you can control the purchases of the child. In addition, such cards allow you to teach your child to manage finances rationally from the early age.

WestStein cards support contactless payment, so the child can pay using a smartphone. This increases the level of safety and ensures that the little one does not lose money.

Additional cards are linked to the main account, but they must be replenished separately. You can check your account status at any time.

At the same time, the child can make purchases in stores, pay for necessary services and use public transport. Also, during the operation, the child learns how to use banking services correctly – an important skill, given the rapid progress in all areas of our life.

Benefits of the cards

The WestStein prepaid children’s card has many advantages that have been appreciated by many people for a long time. The main thing is that your child will never be left without money, because the parent at any time, regardless of where he/she is actually located, can replenish the bank account. It helps a lot in urgent situations, if the child suddenly needs funds. The money will be transferred in a few minutes.

Also, a children`s bank card assumes the presence of a client’s own bank account, which stores all the information about spending and the actual state of the account. So from an early age, your kid will learn to control finances and analyze the rationality of spending. To increase the child’s financial literacy, you can additionally connect the accumulation function.

The presence of a personal account also allows you to block the card yourself, if necessary. This is extremely important, because there is always a risk that the card can be lost or stolen. Having talked about the functionality in advance, you can be sure that the child will know exactly how to act in an emergency.

Also, children’s bank cards greatly simplify the identification process, so that the child can use a number of government services and take part in a variety of educational programs.

Despite the fact that a virtual children’s debit card has its own account, the information is also recorded in the parents’ one. Parents receive all notifications promptly, which allows them to control monetary transactions and block them if the transaction seems suspicious. You can also remotely set a payment limit, which helps to control the expense of funds.

You can also make a recurring payment from the main account, specifying the required amount and frequency. For example, your child will receive a fixed amount weekly so you will definitely not forget to “give pocket money”, which is often the case when using cash.

By issuing bank cards for those older than 14 y.o, you get a number of tools with which you can improve the financial literacy of a child. In addition, your kid becomes financially independent. After all, he/she understands how much they can count on. Thus, at an early age, the kid begins to plan their expenses and learn to correctly prioritize.

Also, the card is often used to store money donated by relatives and parents. At the same time, there is no risk of losing them, as it is often the case when using cash. And so that the child has an incentive to save money, activate the accumulation function, thanks to which your kid will even be able to increase his capital.

Finally, the hygiene, which is also important at any age. Paper money is a breeding ground for many dangerous germs and bacteria. Therefore, avoiding the use of cash is a rational decision, regardless of age. By paying with a mobile phone, you protect yourself from a number of dangerous diseases.

You can order a prepaid Mastercard in a few minutes. There is no paperwork, you do a minimum effort and all the advantages of cards will open to you. An additional account can also be opened in just a few seconds. We are sure that you and your family will fully appreciate all the advantages and new opportunities that will open to you.